BJ & Jamie: Intern Dylan robbed Sean at Stock Show. 1/11

Wednesday, January 11th

Sad story last night in our very parking lot out Little Intern Dylan’s car was stolen! And they took his super nice headphones. They problem is that he did not lock his car.  And now lets talk about Sean’s and the Stock Show. BJ and Jamie think that he is now being ungrateful.     


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BJ and Jane did you hear about it in turn Dillon who used to be a part of our show who's been shown up regularly on. No no no guarantee junior he was a victim of crime less and play well. We're having fun wet which is no no no I want. Easy just to the news we can still have fun. And do you view this breaking news I interned there are so entered Dell has been in here doing the overnight chose OK so he's a great guy when I got here this morning he was here. Man was he so sad. I walked in the nicest thing in turn don't. Why the long face and much more when you sentencing up and he said my car got broken into this morning. His car here in the parking lot. In the Arab world right here yeah here yeah why they are guest guys within a lot of crime here lately. Stolen cars the bargain hunt mirror remember that one landing and remember we've had a lot of crow yeah. His car got broken into last night not get this you know with a two hour here a regular bricks here at my radio ranch in this parking lot. The first of all he did one dumb thing. He didn't want his car hello. Law is it certain that what he knew mr. in turn down the line is better served when he knew who. Do you like your car he goes Hulu loses he'll take a religion dig deep yeah. Yeah right. You're like a dork. While he is a dark for not forget his car left. Yeah kinda. Become odd that a lot of crime sprees going on around yeah. Is is that we can stared down at the packing gras are part of any time like we get I'll let you know what if somebody pulls up their opens up your car door to take your crap out of your car quick can you get down their giant could on the eleventh floor but we have a calculus we can see you'll take up a and to get the idea I had moved during the overnight hours to leave your car and this is sad Suri just Beijing at a moment of do well little pig carry. Oh here's the sad part merely got limited the sad part of this are OK I. Him being in the radio business and being an up and up and comer. A relatively new. His mother for his graduation. Went out and bought him. And very expensive pair of hits thoughts. A very nice pair hit forums like those beads it was like it was like his gift to go off into the world. It will accomplish his radio dreams. She gave him those headphones. To happened with him this entire radio career right you know well that's what was so what. Law like any other up there with them exactly. That story and not make sense. He left his headphones he forgot he said he left him in the car did unlocked his car. Team appeared alert went back down because he remembered he needed this it bounced by the time we got that down there they were gone. Well I'll. Like get current dashing inside job and I. I just wanted to bring it to your attention it was a sad moment this morning yeah especially since like the mom got him the ball so bad for Jamie he was fourteen years you know those. Headphones I think that your time manner that but when he and so if you really care about him maybe you'd get a minute there. Well I just wanna tell the story can. Rather you before I'm back. How does say if you really like headphones all over the place who we thought and you look up if it isn't going to be the same if you think about it I mean it mean when mom gives you this gift to go off to the world and do your life's dream. It's not seem to be I'm a prayer what I can I have a silver sharply is letting you share on the side of the globe get a Santa love mom and Mkapa. Let that pop up that we could do that yes let us I don't know that I think John is simply divine little period tones around you will put love mom fundamentally important guide. Yeah I'm a new air a new turn yes. Let's degrades and what. Do you find that you don't really give to others. Question. Yeah I figure that. Let's move on to Shawn. Sean you know just not talk hand behind your back which we often do pump you are panda ungrateful some of them you don't want this morning. You really upbeat and you really get a million great I don't just questioning Jamie don't you think. It should feel we can relax when I'm with. How. We brought this up earlier in the week. Yeah western stock show has started. They've been looking for somebody to do national anthems held a contest Sean was part of the contest final two and now that they are under way Sean is not been invited to do any of the national anthems. And there's like 63 average in addition. Upset about this has paid the least they can do is have we do one you'd have to do the opening which Bruno won the contest she's gonna grow that you've been stalking them but they do 20000. National anthems they can ask you to do at least one. I'm really upset me to the looking at the right thing to do collect Sean two blinding round and Jeannie saying that on the air we assume the national western stock Joe's gonna call you and say hey look you know we love the publicity from your show you get the number one show in town so why don't you show on come on out of sync. Well yes that has occurred but not here and grateful that. Happened son I yesterday afternoon until after a definite yes okay so I took that Jason runs through it right. And so they call you and says hey Jamie is right there had to go but they said hey we have a cancellation. Percival the car. They bring up they heard it on the shelves now that. You don't have a cancellation yes yes well so bitter not episodes so they were completely booked. Burke 20000 appearances by 20000 different people and you were never on the list correct. Now they had a cancellation so they had cancellation. On this second to the last day. On so after I bit stay at a can't collection. Yeah. Our buy more oil that's well that's why I was telling you I just was having a little I'm kind of on the fence is this. Was there cancellation is this a slew of sympathy slot that they're giving me. Is it just. You know I'm not trying to be and gave grateful I definitely wanna do and I said yes of course I will sing. I am but I just was curious I wanna talk to guys about it much I don't know we should talk to somebody from there. So. I threw. Think more and they had to cancel it is Susan cancellations and and when I'm not calling him a liar he says that that's not the way it works they created. A situation where they were gonna do National Anthem. In their going and now do it just devious plots that we continue to talk about it just past what has been amazing during that hurt him. Like the wing of the herd writer I don't know what exactly is the Tory section could be just a stall cleaning and then that's an exhibition. You don't really appreciate it loomed but yeah that yeah and I think it isn't what it wasn't as for what's yet what's that I don't I don't know the details exactly how I know is I was I got received text that said they have an opportunity for me on the 21. At 330. And you didn't ask what OS to follow up with the power and if ever go online look at their schedule for the 21 and see what's going on at 330 OK we'll see what you're doing. I have all this whole story together that. Gets a little loose. You're DJ. I mean you can be kicking off the bull riding you could be you know doing maybe some barrel races. Something of that nature for the there's going to be a few events at 330. They follow up. I writes yeah afterwards I said I would love to do it. And that I would be there. OK here we are I'm on their schedule I Helio he. Word he is pro rodeo in the coliseum. Pro rodeo in the coliseum and a cancellation. In new or do an initial ransom for. Junior livestock. And big deal. It would get free of so that's the toy reversed their debut or the final day. But. Thank you guys. Your anthem hearing there's also a dog's clinic. At the same time show on. Yeah at the look there's a dog's clinic the clinic I EU might plus it's a street course race. I got a feeling I don't think you're doing the pro rodeo Powell okay what are you digging into this for tomorrow cans if you can do in the state bears and Steelers were peace. X stick courses yeah. That's what you want to be doing good colors okay. That's also on the schedule and yeah I got my back pocket and bank and it can change everything and more on Alex I.