BJ & Jamie: Coaches wife ejected from game sports talk. 3/20

Monday, March 20th

A basketball coaches wife was asked to leave a game over the weekend.. The wife was in the bleachers and she is yelling the  F Word at the other teams coach Over and over. She is escorted from the game.


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Vijay and Jamie do you largest tournament basketball game and you remember talking about story off the early Wichita State coach. I his wife. Cougar kicked out of that game. Because she's yelling the F word I know she was yelling and where I decide the headline is that the Wichita State's coach was asked to leave the game. The coach's wife. A sack that was asked to leave the game and so the wife is sitting in the bleachers in she's probably. Lou from what I can tell she's probably seven maybe five or six rows up. Not that far really. And she's mirror where the other coaches. God are on the same side of the gym. And she is yelling the elf word at the other coach over and over again and shut the blank. Really she the she brought it up because the other coaches Kentucky. And that coach yelling because he feels like his team again foul or whatever was bad call. Whatever she's yelling at coach shut the F up over and over and break it yelling get other fans. You have to in this quarter from the game. That's embarrassing when you're the co chair of the coaches. No I know we it's really embarrassing when you're the coach and their goes your way start kicking her out to yet she probably didn't know what when it was happening Ali go easy probably finding out after the fact yeah I don't think he realized the day of the escort her out of there. But now he got the wines I mean come on you get kids around Jeter yelling like man insane in the jump forward. Yes come on it's a best I. If she was just passionate about it Larry I know she was yellen ever all yeah yeah she was she is also using the afford any yelling at players. As they would go to the bit Chua now that's not a very nice woman is it's he's an angry person turner Wichita State charters. You know cheer for your husband steam immunize the continent's your life livelihood and an eleven. I also helped me that if he's thinking the referee made a bad call. And you know making remarks like definitely. That's completely legal and unhinged now I didn't see it I tell the headline but that's embarrassing how do you recover from. That now you're that woman well you see those parents though would you go to these like soccer games for young kid. No kidding he sees the game that she's. But what she's doing there's really no different than what you see on a Saturday morning edit any field rattled my god some of those groups some you need parents are you crazy. You're mean to you you army and then you get mad it's like some of the other kids who maybe not as good as George did you get mad like why. Why do I little steady. There. Naked at analysts say that my son doesn't play Arab League but I'm when I was a step mom my my stepson did. All of my time for the reds who earlier and that is these reds parents were you. I tried coaching one time it was a little league football team our tent. So I thought yeah I'll join the squad here I'll be a part of this a buddy of mine was actually coaching he what do we become the assistant coach helping with some of the you know off into whatever. Jamie how lasted two weeks policy two weeks I quit. Because I had all these dads that would come up to me after the practice and all they would talk about is how how much their child it has gotten so much better and really deserves a chance to start on the team instead of writing them OK and sure whatever and really your little kids sucked he was horrible. You're correct I don't just say you should read how about looking back on consider rotating them all. I know I yeah. I these kids ten and eleven and it where you are win a football and now. Now you rotate them they win their play in leagues like that you rotate and that's is Nina give them a chance to play but they don't necessarily you don't rotated yes. He's starting yeah you peak yet you do know. You have a start you know. What's wrong no I'm very slow. Rotate the kid off. Right on this if they're in and like the play in high school or whatever where Mac man. You give kids a chance to kind of give you take away their spear when you do that because pleasant there on the team for the Jamie and they're just curb rising. Every single week every week they're there for practice known is that there but again broke does have kids you put kids. Is let's say you do this with the I was coached why the team I was a coach for the soccer team and I'm telling you what those kids we rotate them all and I've anthrax. If there in the category. 56 years old OK again but once you get to beat ten to eleven years old had just kind of competitiveness and. I really should come right there on the main you've just got him to step number eight LL come. What's wrong with the EU adult world like we live in its EU and in England that and then he just he beat him down. Mateen did he I where this likening your opinion it's done here's what you see it. I carry it every player to have achieved a similar to start no matter how good or bad they are if they're on and hit a recreational team like that yes. That's tricked out. That's why we are 101000 coaches parents like that. Exactly. It's OK your opinions always right might not a speech in weekday mornings on Ellis nice nice.