BJ & Jamie: Chuck Berry has died at age 90. 3/20

Monday, March 20th

Chuck Berry has died at 90. No one remembers how much trouble he used to be in in the past. He was busted with a 14 year old girl in Mexico.          


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Vijay and gene once I was swimming cross turtle creek. Nim snapple's all around my feet. Joseph won't talk to women crossed that thing. Good ball movement and the only team. Okay. Okay. A very nice that. And ninety do you realize it's the only number when he had. Come on diet like did the twins just telling you what I heard of her UK I have they said it was the only number one the others to make the charts. But he was only at number one of my particularly. But I also love he also wrote that Paul Fisher pop fiction song. He that they dance him right. Yeah that ruined whatever. Never when they went like this are there at the figures across our eyes Yasser wrote that he and in the saying heels of his life started coming on after that boy on boy oh boy this guy he. He was all over the place when it happened but this guy he he got caught taken fourteen year old girl over state lines now. Juarez Mexico and it took her two to Missouri and in the end of getting thrown in the pokey for about ninety days for them for a young Arab and it did he got caught us something announcements of guns or something and then just cut the crap I know a guy to jail like ten times. Really he's a rebel it is day I. I didn't read my in the cash jet Darius between both for you and I both Clark and really you know they'll -- was kind of thought is knowing what your fifties you mean we're not nice they know or Dutton nine years so only people who look at this guy he was all over the place he was in trouble the lost so many times it was a rat. I had no idea about that carded a fourteen year old girl on all of which he claims she told him she was 21. I know the difference for sharing what you know the difference between 21 year old a fourteen year old there you so. Big picture abdomen like Juarez Mexico into exultant of Missouri. TUN here's a crazy day I wasn't enamored share the spent. Now and so far it's gone now it's find that with so there was a sky news and them my girls who was trying to set me up whether you right. And so I had you know I have since Tokyo and ales goes from right. And so I think his phone number in this Tokyo again. And registered sex offender. Get daddy there. You kidding was he really. Just recently. Arm like yesterday I know. Now. You like no we race nabbed while and then I called her as like you never know who knew. Though you don't know about people you don't know what to pass disks for example that that's a perfect example right there we're talking about Chuck Berry because when the first news first broke about Chuck Berry it is death everybody thought oh my gosh a rock and roll legend the icon of they might eat yet he might be you might considering that but when you start looking into his checkered pants you don't really know what people are up to so here's. Let my girlfriends and I'm like oh my god is this really him because I T is sure and it's as he was you know prosecuted for this and she said the same thing that you said that that chuck said. She goes oh yeah I remember something about that that was a long time ago and I he was like 21 or something and any thought the girl was also. You know eighteen. And great. I'm had a number one by the fact that that's I think that's used caught off. Yeah and mostly I think guys using it with younger girls yeah. You know I will she told me she was eighteen if you have any questioning your mind whatsoever. That possibly this girl could be underage and you wanna just do some research. Came in nice and sharing stuff right I swore I'd never even share that on camera. But she's like it was so long ago and I don't Ani was sort of what I mean you know he thought she was eighteen I mean why are you could see how that can happen didn't. And she's like do more you like give viewers seventeen didn't you ever did well in order Leino. Jamie worked. Religiously I watched discovery ID. Yes that's a very. Common. Excuse used. Excuse. First of well it was so long ago there are different person throughout its don't trust them I don't trust. Second of all that it was the little mobilize everything in it like OK it. You see people on there that literally kill people but the but they can justify. They're all of whom he just so yeah. She's like he's a great guy you know he's a great guy Mike. He a great he had he really is she wins her though he is a sweetheart he really is this week. Sweet person should there are some nice sex offender yeah. I'm sure there. I can't can't play even. I have this and that mainly because I don't think he can be around kids and stuff right. And have to be near a church school. And liquor store or. I think government. A lot of crime isn't any of them agree there shouldn't they you know she's like usual it goes solo and any great guy and I totally agree that he's instant I mean socially in so attractive and all of that. I just didn't have my knee. Seems to me though. You know I am sure there are people out there that got caught up in a situation. And unbeknownst to them they got caught up there with a younger person in probably got charged in have to register easy then to. I'm sure it's happened to say it's never happened would be ridiculous right yeah. Those people are treated and treated the same as if you sexually assaulted somewhat right there treated the same. Along the lines of being a sex offender for life gift registry and let people know where you live and blah blah blah blah blah. Oh that's exactly fair. For those but I don't know how. Switching to. I don't know how you get to true I don't know how you play your darn right now. Here's what it is I don't understand why TV show you set else. I don't understand why you haven't marry this guy yeah. I got my youngest. I'll talk to. It's. Is he supports all over the place right arm was kidding I was kidding yeah I guess if you get popped he popped you know want. Much at Mary for example chuck. Turkey is traveling around a fourteen year old you're telling me you thought she was 21. Yeah that is here to an. An eight there is no way you did. That was just an excuse she is and who's doing this in 1950 she's. I'm really taboo. Well but it's just crazy yeah so anyway happy I shared that. Each inch we see more on Alex I.