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Friday, February 17th

BJ & Jaime Talks Kardashian Divorce, 50 Shades Darker, Girl Scouts, & More!!!


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Vijay and Jamie. I'd like to take NG she was that and how last night's starters what's it called fifty shades darker fifty shades darker and she takes a really cute pictures like what they share Medicare moon. So can you say loud and share of soccer. It's copy and paste I can't. Can't knowing Peter doesn't have that did not know see it that way. Copy paste that in. Care things. And then I also like to think that look lovely woman who said because I did pictures of the girl scout you in a hundred dollars with the girls get at least. Who said this time. I'm Rebecca has her name I'm trying to be negative but Larry did donate those cookies I thought he said you're trying to eat better and exercise. Are you going to. I Sardinia in the kitchen committee democracy so that I may need a volley you know and I'll tell me he's gonna eat a mall but it. This would they be that bad though OK okay what I thought about this all right so I went down to the kitchen and all those boxes of girl's golf cookies and then there. And acts are a couple of those so political Samoan users a moral warrant some police. So soft and I thought he wouldn't. A couple of boxes look did I thought to myself you know that's gonna make me look really cheap. That that your here the girls cal comes in I don't pay a dime for any cookies Jamie buys all the cookies it here I am granted a couple boxes take column. That would make you look really bad. Think your back I thought about it. I thought about well actually I don't care to take up these nickel boxes. Out there there's twenty boxes out and let. Now still guilty eating them. They contribute to. He didn't I was kind of we need him by 1 PM by securities America. And he can shouldn't. You didn't have them too don't you didn't have five dollars a itself but it would let myself. What solidly English and is common to pay day at Charlotte shot who told me she was summoned him well I didn't play I didn't. As a pro girls should like really BJ I am going to be eighteen Syverson they I'm sure I'll be harassed. I know that little hole. I'm not and I and that it. The night so sweet news didn't buy a damn might not one state inbox for breach of someone who won because it didn't have cash. You haven't taken check from me that things in a bounce all the way back to leaflet it is taking it. Somewhat Dele. For those pictures. And try to find pictures it's under the Alamo and Alamo post. Like I didn't. It's alum I'd better post about the Alamo draft house. He's gonna make of I'm pretty sure one K he really please. Let you know he. Did. It's five years under his. Oh my we and then I hit it it. Just this. I thought. John I'm just this and we don't know. Well now he's baggage nobody holidays of seven. Two I said and I said. How old and I am. She is saying I don't know ocean east. I didn't opinion find out all. Fiction leg that don't know really. Easily to when he won it. Girls yeah yeah flailing your impression anyway had to be here. This much public Jack Kelly yeah let's do that. For is not happy Friday everybody hey you know I feel bad now because. All morning long I've been saying hey happy Friday beat three day weekend. I don't think that many people might tell all they've done at the bit of bragging on my friends are emerging as a field. And yes like where everybody that's got to go to work on Monday and saw a patient. Sorry. Yeah. By the way. It doesn't get a lot of crap about the yoga guy you know what about the Uga I am going out with them but I just went to shut down. We'll talk. Although mine golf with what he cannot get to truth I was wondering why the news TVY. Ideally talked about it lately lie and I did blatantly lied via and a lot of cargo yes. I just when this kind of Leila talk about it and so I just said I'm going tell them on Saturday because they don't know down. Really that's why you shouted down with yeah I think it would have led to the feeling here in my life well coming up next a. More on the C no no no under way Kim does yoga boy it absolutely no good yeah. Brutal and you'll know he was so cute last night you know they said it did he say he said. When you come over after a fifty shades darker law that. Way. The wrecked yet you it's cute but there aren't are not not not do that to kill. Via the idea that I am laying about I didn't go out. I don't I would now that's funny as whatever that's funny that's fun. Night that he was serious yeah. The management of more than I sincerely my girlfriend I sit I showed her and so under the tax and she. And I had some cocktails last night and a shocking everybody that we had a driver they are she's. Well it's 930. She used to go weak you likely to. But that movie. I'm going to does that jibe does not know how close he teamed dad. If it but that's not. I think we're going in she's dealt the driver. And how that like we're not going to tell it's 930. It was me and does he was this close to flimsy fast but the fact I. Flu is close to flee the. Losing fast anyway yeah so I just I am I talking. Let's not to talk about the swift. Yes we are now we know in our we're gonna do no regular. Questions come up out of an undergraduate and two planes on the day plans and we don't and to me it's a what you got a six pack grab a six stagnant in my book is set up. He asked about tomorrow yeah I don't debtor yes yes. And I don't fancy issues yes. Dan laden red baron oceans. Doesn't there at the hearings in the bottoms. Of the autopilot at the and the classic let it I didn't get on top on and on I had so I did TJ darker my head in the data are sorry the fact. Have a guy that thing's gonna in nineteen dude people are. The really bad good morning to girls yeah. Thank goodness cookies could could I anyway I have a year ago. And they say he might be having mental health issues Nick Cannon really yeah. After suddenly quitting his job as host of America's Got Talent the social media this week cannon fired his longtime advisors. Including his publicists. According to New York Post Canon has recently gotten really really holy roller at Lincoln the religion wearing robes and determine. And refers to himself as reverend doctor Canada. Sounds like straight. People not reverend doctor okay and it sounds crazy to me he. How much should look at right carries special I tell you I like him I did do I think is really down to earth and really fun and then. He seems really great on the right here in great dad and all that stuff so this is a shame really. Apparently he is an attack shows specific religions so much as a general spirituality. He spent the weekend posting a social media about depression and pain guru that's a good Oregon. I just had a part NBC sources say network executives struggled to get in contact with Canon ex husband Mariah Carey. After renounce some days that Monday I cannot see myself returning. To show because it's so he he announced his departure on basement basically and didn't tell. To say that's what percent. Can learn there's another story to. NBC asked for his resignation and yeah. Because of some comments at me. These comedian and so he's eleven made those comments and he wants. But I think that's you can make those comments here in a comedy club who yeah yeah that you're on the public not supposed to do Ellen DeGeneres. I guess she wins heard Teddy the lawsuit. Big part of our TT lawsuit. Went. To morning Girl Scouts. A moderate missile and laid out there go to school. Remember there was a girl and it it was said miss. TV. Yeah it was on the shelf TV pierce and Allen to be funny and pronounced dead daddy. Yeah I'm but the judge says in the documents the judge articulating exactly why missed opportunities that showcase. The letter I in the English language can be pronounces several ways this let the judge says while Teddy. Chooses to pronounce her name TT there's nothing Paulson pronouncing it went to. I have no comment than tennis dad said this I'm reading news I can say this because news. So there George Clooney's mom is in net job. He knows he can return to keep the sex of the baby is like you know hash national let you know well why is George Clooney's love this doesn't tell everybody it's going to be a boy and a girl. I saw his mom once. Yeah yeah I saw George wants Maria main news agency George ruhe so man us pregnant and looked like he'd done. You do look like him think. Everybody says it really have to be pregnant the first enemy George Clooney had to be eight months pregnant you. Not good time yeah. Yeah work. The wind and meet my whole life and the very end Donald yeah. Anyway. We're just did you know the George George. I should of that and a funny I was scared don't know what bridge is not a that's his mom at a TV station in Cincinnati Ohio yeah well this isn't news anchor wishing to really talk to me. Are you got she seemed very nice it was a great talked his dad was talking talking. Yeah well it's mum wasn't so much I just remember meeting her. Well her a George's mom told vogue in Vogue Magazine and be one of each yes a boy and a girl that's what I've been told how marvelous. My husband and I are extremely excited my guess stored in a mall doesn't. They're not happy because they didn't listen announced he would they didn't tell me no good mom related slipped out yap pattern of Golan slipped you know she's at it. Civilian upset because the stars have to keep that all seater car has to be seeker you know because people pay for that. Let's money. You know Amal is the oh my god. Aaron it's we'll have up there we have a mother in law problem already folks yes. A public she won't be invited to the castle. Up. With a moat. Remember they have a castle the moat yet have a vote Democrat about animal eats she saw he now. Ha. She is look. She does she is the big two yes Kobe to face a little bit to face and resting but today's been resting. Ardea. If you don't own RBS really. That's new to me and I'm. Our BF you. Anyway yeah finally Torre is sadness sad news I know I told you earlier but who have bonus it's hard to take. You can do it. Rob Kardashian and black China called the wedding. How. We knew there was hit it but we knew this is bad they caught us all what I think that it expected to be in doubt still with us. I knew it was trouble. It is so you guys rub imaginable I turn it split the wedding is all. That stands for off. You know when this announcement that still throwing a bash into Kardashians oh yes they are throwing momma momma Jere. The momma juror when they are so so happy she is so happy with this announcement cheeses and won't play turn right. Yeah is she blocked his trying to lend her name China card ashy India. And the girls blocked. He does yoga Pulitzer. Larry. Glad that they know isn't he lets you know that he gets to class. Yoga class outfit I. Just arrived will be available for the next hour. Downward its do or die GMA. Horror. There was a time out yet but I got. So with that card actions I I know any kind of list. But she let her name to be China card ashen and they blocked it yes yep not just mom and the girls yes in the entire clan got involved in this one. Because they said that it was a money making a name the Kardashian and China got China Kardashian she runs the name or shoes you imagine that. They don't like you so much that they will let you take his last name and then our Harvey until you see said he thought that that would be illegal because. You know legally you can be very into the naming you get the name. Oh absolutely there's no way to stop right rob Kardashian is a cart bashing exactly decision to marry this woman she gets the last name if legally she wants to do that. But it doesn't they can do about that I guess what nobody has to worry about it anymore. No. They're not married. So now the weddings gonna be off soft so she can't really take the name anyway and now. They said she's just horrible person and all she does this scream that rob and tell me how Thaddeus. You know she's gonna do well there are so mean or rob I know right. She's gonna take that. Little girl injury. In dreams upon now yeah after all a little cash via. Because that is gonna hand that girl's gonna handle Kardashian name now here's where she is an advantage now I am thinking about this. What particular way to Russia I'm not have a relatively about. Really forget about this too much but here's a way SE. I think there's more value would dream card deck Sheehan then those little kids with Kim and them having the west's name. Way way I call you out some say and now I really don't call an error when. Whether you went that fifty shades in my hands a little ending like crazy in your read the same way from the highway yeah they did so just to see Rick you're from Iraq should be get what I'm saying I can't get what you got to the other kids like the north northwest and they have the last name. No insurance is valuable as a Kardashian at the dream has an advantage so yeah. Next generation dream card ASEAN in real M card and an anti China is gonna use I can. But it's a pet let's get you keep up let's. It's true. Yeah and I don't know. You see my mind and I think he can I do totally down the road she's got the damage and she will use it here. I'm sure she'll sell a show. Keeping up with car dash in baby and. At your ally right there I got my yes I've night. It not heavy keeping up with the west maybe it's going to be keeping up with the card activity is that any. I realized the mistake of the day it's. Decides how. Did it last it was a way better way to go that's east Google have you might be we can't guarantee what's that you him go and then just have to cut the Michael so excited that you're actually during his friend and she could have been eighty cardiac she'd get so excited that you're like oh thanks and ending here so sorry open mic you know legs god they're got tabloid trash they go we know eighty wet shall sit at the. I've read through yeah. Can I sleep in the immortal John Ellis nice nice.