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Friday, February 17th


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Vijay and Jamie. Afternoon little. And you know and by the way I guess FaceBook is haven't some weird things happen and what's going on will likely like girlfriends here's what she wrote she said strange pictures of being posted on my FaceBook profile page. Please ignore they are not for me any suggestions on what did it to stop this sorry and thanks sat. I just went through. You are page. My page main page and see any problems it said that change your passwords you were hacked it happened to me before she's been. Hack yeah and so Pete it's scary. Because then they'd change all the pictures and you don't even like whatever pictures as for instant instant cooling shirt. It's an ad. And they need they need somebody in our house has looked up instant coup in church before it against I don't know because of an English pop up afterwards. Very odd I am so if BC weird things where we are friends don't dump him make some of them are getting hacked. Also speaking of FaceBook yesterday it was so funny how. How this presidential. News conference went on my FaceBook page and 50%. It was the most amazing thing on the planet. You go tell Donald at 50% like this guy is scary he says scary chaos. So it was just really it's really funny how. Any and passionate these people here. Burnett so passionate about it. About how he did a great job they shut down the media and that 50% so passionate about how he's a danger to our country and I just stared at a mind. Meet you I did leaving that ball yesterday I've read a bunch of stuff but I actually saw it I watched it fade FBI and it's amazing to me. In Tennessee just one way or the other OK but it's amazing to me how I watch something. And then later when I watched the reporters report on it they saw something completely different than what I self. An hour until I got out of the loop lack of speed that you just don't get you don't like the crazy wife and I think they're crazy. I'll that's nuts and president trump says that his wife money it will indeed be moving to Washington DC. Trump told reporters yesterday. That it's hard to take a child at a school it's a few months left so she and Bayern will be moving over to the White House when school is over. Yost is Atmel audio would be and advocate for women and work alongside his daughter I bunker at trump. And by the way then the other thing is people like it's cost us nine million dollars turn to go to our blog Del Mar or log them or go. Marlins Amare Alando every weekend. Actually I don't think if I was more on the news. I don't think I would want to go to a place where he named after his sex life. As it was named after Marla Maples unique selling. I want he would actually what I wouldn't eat a salad and we think we're not gonna Marla I know you guys made. He built together Marla Maples helped design it and they named Mario Largo. PM after Marla Maples bright forget. And even if he suggested he change the date to two gene narco birthday he would even go for little or no object now I was known. No Jane log I get it. Well you don't take that I did he suggested though tejada came off I'll put yours on team Longo. What he's not know get rid of knuckle on the air I know you feel for who knows he can afford something else yucky. I'm me or is Florida. Is getting you're Linda Miller grand theft on a case. So she says in Grand Theft Auto there's a character that depicts her. Well you know what police say that I just now printed the pictures as I was looking for that are you dead men that I think we're a show it to you right. Not here we go this is flotilla what OK in the murder or read the nineteen. OK and there you go into this is the girl from. Grand Theft Auto mechanic. Where does look like her yeah yeah. Jamie I looked at it and I thought that could have been most blonde women who are only thing that can be Jayme white a look. It looks like that could be you. Used exit. And has the same ring island. Chain bracelet term. Is her and religious and went well they've allowed the court that's tough to prove so that's out of the first chef is that they've allowed it in court then. New York's highest court impact has agreed to allow Lindsay low until apple peel her lawsuit. She's sitting Grand Theft Auto over claims it used her likeness without permission. She says bikini clad characters lacy Jonas. Lindsay lowering replacing Jonas. Iannetta Grand Theft Auto is based on her. Last year they dismiss the suit. Because it didn't ease her actual name torture picture but the Court of Appeals grand lowlands new appeal request via I think she's looking for some money he at least you assume she could use it. Yeah she could write yeah. Teenager GA and has moved into his very own floor million dollar home is being icing Calabasas is that must be nice right. You know I know when I was teenager. And thought hey I did I need a four million dollar all did what was your first pan. To it was in Kansas City who can't for my family moved out I was eighteen you were eighteen years old. It was a nice place and as to what bedroom villas for five million there was one bedroom four million dollars four million in my first place when I left home. Was it an apartment complex for fifty a month. Devastated about 415. And that was considered high yeah they'll. So yeah for fifteen hours upscale we have to cool Lou every detail really cool for the community what's the common common area where you can grill it now what you can rented out for parodies. And ease clubhouse. That club. Called how to forget that I can risen out. I never did wrecked that thing no you know I wanted to I was very happy with my 415 month. I mean yeah I felt like I was rich is correct I didn't need a four million dollar place at that time did you feel really rich. Felt so independent I know I was sold. Footloose and fancy free that was me but all my furniture at Sears outlet store did you yeah at Gatling you know. I don't remember where I am sure my furniture steamy dance. From somewhere Sears outlet not I don't remember furniture shop. Anyway so he bought four million dollar home well he didn't in a gated community of hidden realms California. And guess what. All the community aids and you know because he got a little work moved it. You know these people worked all their lives have been there for years and years and years now you get them Smith T had been looted. He's eighteen from wild parties. They said it was a really nice quiet neighborhood but you since he and his entourage moved in its now like that raceway and. Net same thing happened to Justin Bieber when he got his place remember he was recently down the street egging houses. So this house is 6000 square feet five bedrooms six bathrooms because that's what you naming your eighteenth. His parents lived out the way inning 22000. Square foot home. For 42 million so he just doesn't live its body place. His is four million there's this 42 million geez. I must be sad and very safari I know right now mama dad how dare you only by me for a million mile route 42 million. And then finally. Indecency. While. I know have Italian but he many. Good for you to actually do a little of the stand my friend what do you think the left is dead with whom. Rob Kardashian in the black children. We Sheehan told me it's a three day weekend. How about to get through it now. You said this yesterday she does not like him. I am I I think he tries hard I do I think he he really does like her take I think she does not want him. She's doing it for the Kardashian name. So here's the thing. They've split up rob Kardashian who left China have split. Half. Now the last time this happened which are totally a month ago right it was a hoax but the TV show how wonderful being duped again I don't know oops. Sources say the reality well I don't think they ever liked it to the really so I meant I cannot believe that that. Sources say the reality couple split a while ago and rob is happy with the decision and the chided disappeared for days at a time without communicating are providing any updates that robbed wrapped. And when she's around they say she's yelling and screaming about how his daily deal like her supporter. And he called his insecurities and how fat. The is. Problems Yahoo! News yeah. As a greener and be nice to live there you can't do that. That includes certain baby dream it's like I sanctuary that hey you know all over the place in the idea her yelling at you because your fat. But so far there. Now what's better than I think that you really should stay with some of the calls you fat yeah think perhaps as low president. The two got engaged April 2016 and have a three month old daughter together named dream. I did Yahoo! tablet looks terrible speech in each week day mornings on Ellis I.