BJ & Jaime: Tinder/Social Media Talk 02/17

Friday, February 17th

BJ & Jaime: Jaime talks about her experience on Tinder & Social Media


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Vijay and Jamie. I'll sort of but not the BJ Jimmy Moore Musharraf forget about that you can use to Duran I did did I was wondering Dan has given me now two years swipe for area as well I was like an online and how how does that work I had never used to ease my left if you don't like if it's like live. Blood and then you know right if you like right. I don't remember I don't have a name or 'cause it made me feel dirty you know the epidemic since the right right. Right if he's right for you last if he's wrong Sheila yeah but to say lefty Lucy righty tidy. I don't know that's who led anyway I got off of it as it really did I'm not kidding and Mamie till dirty do you and it is dead because it's so weird it's. I mean it's just literally. Like she KD UN. Look up kind of people I'm glad you said that though because I've got something here that tenders just announced that's gonna make it feel even dirty hair. Let's tender has decided to add a snap chat style video feature to their phone. So people considered videos of themselves back. In the even say. X rated clips for him. Scott president and I didn't he's I want it back. Listen Dave he knows the man now instead of just having a picture that you swipe once you go right which legal rights tight when you go right. You can then. Contact person which can already but now they have the video for you need to do to compete you don't turn a tired they're scattered. As do my tender feet. Isn't that crazy this is gonna end badly poke fun. It is right does that does that trouble written all over Alia be had to ask me if you're doing this okay let me think about this if you don't want is somebody changed stuff to compete Georgia beat. She's on the numbers are assured that you all water and me. I was just over my cook with the eight. I do because I don't don't come resident in years he's been injured they weathered the doesn't have those all the way back to put those away. Don't you think I'm getting ready for gender chipped up. Isn't little risky that you're swapping on tender these videos of yourself snooty she. A you think they're gonna show in places because I am assuming that what you send somebody it's fair game at that point. But you do whatever they want to with a bright Alice in May be able to capture save and be a sign up now captured or if it's like snapped Chet Edwards knows why because stepped it goes away. Okay you just soul went out but he stills disappears now I can't you take screen shots or stuff like that. I don't think self. I don't excellent as always said there's always a print somewhere and I mean they have the actual. Hi guys he had nowadays there's probably can figured out it's in the universe it is in the scholarly yet some. I got into this is going to end badly because they're strangers you're not sending the six year dirty pictures to someone you know I like your significant other and it's just going out of the stranger you're sweeping right you find the person who started covers Asian mixing you know you're sitting he's. We know it it's still weird with that because I'm so torn about it play. You know a bar is like the world where you come again chair and a bar is the worst case to me it's about it essentially clean up which isn't really his but there technically they're a stranger. And your meeting them in combat and so I. So torn with the social media meeting people stuff because. You know you meet strangers on the bar. Any get to know that way that you you don't I'm not talking about it and I'm not some of the videos I'm just on that in general. Does social media stuff like he need I don't know. But here's a way IC itself. I'm usually not every time I'm not saying we're perfect would this. But I can usually meet somebody have a conversation and get into each. Get a gut feeling to a degree not none totally you know to back you remember or know somebody. I'm done you don't know. But you can kind of get a feeling that there is something to that. Whereas on a computer anybody can hide the pictures you're seeing may not even be that person at least I'm talking to a person in the bar I know it's Erstad who. Another face and body is that person. I know we everybody does it you know and and people. Regulations should like I know I need to go on those match that comes as Obama doesn't win here it doesn't Wiki like I don't know you don't know he's he's he's like I. I was single I'd be an element of match dot com. Though you know you know no mention like yeah but he when he go to bar you really don't noted they and then. If you do date somebody and have not been turned over and they are and they're gonna get why do you. That's not a problem for a long time I just wanted to just an eyebrow and banging in the date not the guy. I think around right right but but you'd still I don't bar but YouTube but what you're saying from what I hear is suspending I'm saying is that. Online it's even easier to July via Brandt Jeff because even the picture itself that picture could be ten years old. That person could be completely different than what you're seeing there. Right at your parents I do with addiction because for example my girlfriend she does that match that term and she really liked this guy. And then they met and and there's other relatives but he didn't mention that remember she. She really liked him you're an east batters. He did you don't like I'm really so bad that it's debilitating but he never mentioned it problem for her. Yes because they can get through conversation they can try to each other you know they can tie bundle online and and I have great cover sick she's an attorney. And so she's really well in Bhutto she's she talks a lot and so they get tight to each other and so. But she communicates because she's an attorney through you know words from then. Local and that's a Denny was a good listener. It's kind of hurtful to Sheehan but no stuttering in her approach coupled. But she felt she are really duped you got to be room for. And I felt so bad for him because they were mad at Starbucks. And and she said it took him we know just like not she said it was crazy it took them an hour to say hi to her and she was so frustrated. But she really dug him when they had communication on the phone and stuff yeah yeah. It's emotional for instant Sarah's not child. She's a not shallow. She hit OK so back to the argument to the bar all right a very fine attorney and then like Carolina she's a scrapers and it. Is not shallow she just felt duped but. If she'd met this guy and a barge Jamie she wouldn't. You should write it could get out what about you during the great right right he she would not well. Giffords when you said earlier how's it different than a bar yeah I'm just saying that kind of proves that to Brian. Pages here it is. And this'll dating. You speak yeah I'll play tomorrow night I can't. Now now. But he did canceled the day to day can't pick and that he does yoga. All Cheney and let's not get super picky now the text I am so proud. Oh I can't we found out yesterday Jimmy had a date we already had some strikes him because of and earlier I mean he doesn't know better she realized that he was still in the supply an Alley does yoga angry about it but now he's getting a fresh start because he's on his own and does what. Now we find that he did he does he does you know and so I can't do that and I can't. Yet. I'm disappointed why. Well because I thought maybe this was mr. right nipple. Now and he canceling and canceling yoga I am of superficial and I just trying to remember to. Pupil to me implement capable. Am so not to but he should be. We should go to I. Dollars. Each in each weekday mornings on Alex.