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Friday, February 17th

Cali weather, Girl Scout, & Harrison Ford Nearly Plane Crash!


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Vijay and Jamie is crazy 75 degrees yesterday our record breaker. Again that I guess I was only 7275. According to this morning laughs saying you know the airport registered. And today's should be warmed to be a nice week and maybe some snow next week. But this is crazy. Yeah I know right seats in I want you scream. Yeah. You I. Love it is because it's so perfect because you could be here in a B 72 and then you go in the mountains and it's snowing yet it's insanity you get the best of everything. But I will have to say what's making me laugh. But especially on and on social media to access. Then it's gonna rain in California yeah well I'm concerned about that I really am and introduce seem to not really tears my life's in danger or not. And that bothers me because I. Like it's so funny when it rains in California I know it's a joke in there may nose instead but it because I have so many friends from LA. There like they're all gonna die it's just rain this is completely different than what do you remember living in California. There are thunderstorm big heavy nasty storms are out there. Today and tonight and tomorrow we get die and I'm supposed to fly their later rod sent me an I don't know I just don't know if we're gonna make it I don't think we're gonna pay I. I hope you do another empty lot and it's not who knows your flight my dying day it'll jets at lay and kept draining. Does that rate in its planes way again. I'd like Sean yeah it California. Eighties hair dyed or first umbrella I won a major. And I that was just here with the Girl Scouts and that is so cool for her she's such a sweet little girl isn't she. I thank you so kind of polite I got mom. I just think that. That experience. Will last her life that is unbelievable to get to go at the radio station in the cellar cookies. Hawking a much Yasushi jedi thing I think it may yes it. Such a cool thing in a reason they say that not because of Jamie and I are seeing it because I remember back in high school. I got a chance to go on stage for the AB DJ that came to town. A guy in the world record at the coliseum for the sooners never ever forget it it's something that always stick with. What's funny that you sick mice turned com. Mike Nelson came to the school all of our. Ha tornado dance I don't know what a dead met my son is in love with Mike Nelson from -- as until nine be 77 whatever my son thinks that he is god. Yeah because you got to meet them my two cool guys people who. The only guy is a cool guy but yet it just that it's very yeah oh my god they could care less about you and I'll suddenly turned nothing around him all the Tara began nothing because every time Mike Nelson comes eyes I'd love. I met him the but at. Well Ralph if you're listening might know is not not what you that you could fit and I hit it a mean person they don't school today or Monday. They don't know her. No been out of school today or Monday crazy. And you're not president stay till the end my girlfriend's three of them have to work on Monday they do yeah. Getting presidents' day is one of those holidays that not everybody seated saying why exactly I hate lawyers you know I know so are you gonna celebrate dad termed the look no well I'll celebrate yeah I would celebrate I'll be wearing a make America great again gear. That I have beaten. Bought crucial on. Yeah I'll be out celebrating yet his cell parades the kinks of that and drag because the that the and it's president's name as well celebrate the present idea W local mall together though I mean I'm celebrating in Washington leaned June I'm celebrate everybody I don't know drop. BC. Literally open loses its own prudent to make it. And that press coverage as again. Everybody riled up I'm telling you right now she I don't yeah chill out it's okay how would study that day there if so is it. You civic I don't greens were eight. I I watched the press conference yesterday end. You know they get confrontational because press asks him that the president doesn't want to ask you the answers in a way to express his acting with. It's always that when they say he was combative and what was yet lord. Angry angry okay back and so. I don't I don't know agency gold and angry are they saying things awful easy however you kind of grouchy here in they city morality. Development that's gonna. I didn't do you knew how well. Can I say I president should not be entertaining I think he should be. I don't think anybody I don't think the president should be entertaining that's fabulous and a president not entertainment they present a. We your energy away that's where I I thought it entertaining not my. Watch these guys that can vote and then that's bad for our country and I. I know George W. Bush should be entertained I did different word because entertaining is not only want a president debate trust me and that one. Am I am bad that I am I the bad debt. They have it and I got a real concern about something that we're talking about losses to supply Ian and I explain the rain and everything that's very juicy the update on the Harrison Ford story no. Our personable here here's the first thing I saw this first yesterday early. Harrison Ford's back in the cockpit he's flying a jet now. Could this is a recipe for disaster what he was backed in the cockpit of the jets have not dropped white. But something that you have to really make quick decisions with this guy he's getting his license revoked quickly before until somebody hit it. It's a personal as you know Harrison Ford he out landed on the wrong now runway was a human runway and taxiway here and I just earlier in the week he had no idea what he was Stewart and then later came out yesterday. When he radioed the tower he told him he was in a helicopter. I. You know what he was saying you know is driving a plane no Bono said he doesn't. Just so now. How are saying that they were looking for helicopter the whole tide. When this play coming landing on a tax and that's not good if you think you're in a helicopter but you're really in a prop plane I'm gonna tell you right now that's bad. That's like yeah. I'm afraid today fly you now why one of it aren't Harrison floor and it rains I'll write a young guy diets you. As fast as does something asset crazies that guy thinks he thought he was in a helicopter. Unionists so we're juniors that would that same day. We sent from the like air whenever the tower home. I would seen in big news. And god Harrison Ford fumbled through his coal to the air traffic control before is near miss in the of this Boeing 737 on Monday. He suggested that the tower that he's flying a helicopter instead of a play cowboys aren't into. Helicopter he said. The air traffic control then said that they started searching in the couldn't fly the helicopter. We couldn't find one on the radar in so bit out of the blue here comes this. That hopscotch is over the as Boeing 737. With a 110 people on board forget. He's mentally went right over the top that he went down but a close enough to hit them and then pulled up. And then hop scotched over the at least AdAware what I'll do that. Great to at least ask at least that's the scary. We have our houses and 7047. Before. Might be time to hang because I think professional pilots I think they have to stop at like 55 or something. ES 65 I thought was over something like that remember what it was. The FAA and get this here's what they're saying they're saying that Ford is under investigation. But it's on hold due to a backlog of investigations. Okay lol if he's still under investigation why a jet. Now it's why did you look at these thousands and ruthless and don't eat at least a spin this to say hey we can balance. It was still good just because you and I have a car crash doesn't mean we can't drive a car that's that thank you. An amazing. Then the resort that bedroom sort of checking down to the. Each in each weekday mornings on Alex I.