BJ and Jamie: Wrist Weights and Pump Cheese danger 05/19

Friday, May 19th

Jamie is excited about her new wrist weights. Woman is in really bad shape after eating gas station nacho cheese.


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Vijay endgame Alice totaled 59 BJ and Jamie morning show. Your most fit morning show ever. He is working out with the her wrist weights on this morning. She brought it wrist weights because you know it. I have to do anything a couple weeks ago. Maybe three weeks ago you're and you're there. Close to having the personal trainer super close very close and I got. I never materialized he never went to one one workout I get busy I had I had this is so busy. And now you've gone to just wrist weights Malaysia I was that while greens last night it's probably best you do start light. I love blog you let that mouth too much would that trainer guy you know you can. You know the end islet Walgreens and Alexandria. Yeah I and love on her and you do yeah so these are on the end island they were on sale. Start three pounds I think each of them are you tired in the desert go to work because it was heavy these are. Yes it's better than nothing. You have to think like whatever I'm I'm just lifted like rap sheet that yeah. I'm lifting is trying to that the tree out. Like Katie so Earl yet cook for open. Let's see it. Do you arrest him you know Brian. I know got used to Wear those he would go to the bar you in the cold twelve ounce curls seemed comfortable easy just wait waits to help build upper body strength. It's Iowa it's more than I'm doing science and you drink your coffee and they need to do it 30. Curled. And look at me I'm just wrapped. Walgreens. Into the I'll have a drugs. Goods those ideas may be something on sale. To the end of the ILC on the end of the aisle OK okay. Don't know like. You only get into nothing left by knowledge aren't there this week you know may take a look see what's there at the the Al sealed that's going on I'm glad you were down. He's not like. Five minutes if you don't overdo it exhausts. Yeah. No overt do whatever you do what they see pass out here in the studio because you don't realize how much you use your arms yeah. And to every move I'm doing a wrap this is really. Hear any yeah. Maybe he should Wear those like all the way to Monday morning. Now I can and took Monday show RD so pork. It has been five minutes. If he's worn red wade she don't talk about you don't know yeah I mean they're not that much in his. Heart just into you for five minutes let's say. And you do all your actions of your five minutes you think I'm going to be our worn out like Intel and now. I had intent and lets you think I might like. You anywhere tournament. Ten minutes tasks over and gave up among the ten minute ten minutes and the winner. You know when he sees first came down via the meat of several years ago and I used to Wear the ankle weights some. You know and whereabouts can walk around or whatever in your parachute pants you know web decision it would not Wear the ankle weights and yeah. Hopefully this could help with anything to do what you will be of the death because that is doing it. Want via when you're not attend an all time we attainment. Already war and I. Just for the mind. Disco biscuit what helps you. I. He says Tim and I kind of got us this Dayton of tennis the watch that when I'm doing. While making sure their tight I don't know why isn't there any scenario a Dell. It's pretty. Normally don't expect yes I think so my. The biggest sporting show in town writer. I'm just gonna start swinging my arms and seller you're good to see how Britain saying she wanted to trade and pull yeah yeah. Right to life got I don't teach you realized strong. You know it's money seconds yeah. Heavy fast thank you Sean Taylor isn't. What happens here I let me get to the story here I told you about dislike. I don't three days ago or so listen. So this and Jamie who loves nacho cheese. My phone rings and I pick up the phone and it's her and she can't articulate a word. This you think basically he thinks this tiny few here and now she is things pin high paying. And you can now. Think you're gonna lose her gaffe. And it's really scary. And to think it hurt my mother had eaten there. The what ifs torturing the Kelly family also around Lebanese choice to drizzle than to read though it was not too cheese sauce from the deli area. And I gas station. At a gas stations and determine the what do you talking about that at all. The Paul. They say. I eat the story I saw again last night was beware of the problem. Not that she's now it's so good like and a movie theater or not as there's a bad to say they don't know exactly what batch they don't even know what caused amateurs saying the pump cheese is the one to watch out there. Now this of that gas station you rapper name I'm JC it hypocritical. That. In some time. Does it Aaron and Syria. I think that he had finished his door and opted not to tease. Won't you hammer out a but if you go to the movie theaters if you go to our ballparks. It's like my gay guy guilty pleasure at I want some months sane and I will go down to 7-Eleven. And load up on the nachos and put the chilly out there and just put so much cheese that. That chip should just women in them. No I do it at the movie theater fear I don't usually by not Jones but the movie theater and I don't know I guess that does so. She didn't discuss. If any you feel like that you're really getting your money's worth because you can put as much cheese you walk the cats are so you feel like you're rip them off and why it's a drizzle I'm more of a damper. I don't like that sits on. Yeah like you as it is now died after he separated and then I choose not amount for each camp while well botulism and it doesn't matter I think for tripping mood so better suitor you know dipping the man your common sense has earned doesn't really. But you know they they they only found in this one yes it's all over five people are in hospital now I know five people how many. I didn't get. Up. A are you tired yet. I'm not sure how it's all right yes good. Minute you know good to das Jesus speak and not chosen to believe that this group tees and away I never tease. But brokers. But brokers went away won't have had a blood Rucker so yeah there's still a business is certain parts of the country but the ones you're in Denver there's two I think yeah and they went away. Who loved thought truckers yeah I was a big fan in the front record that was one of my favorite restaurant it goes way that just went away they're they're used to be when in our neighborhood yet. In that you could go over there he put all the pickles anything you wanted out and oh did cheese hop could I. Again I don't. My arms killer went and pick up. And dog I guess. You're. Not doing anymore I can't until you get for that Jaime Gama and paying. The bugs don't try this at home and submit her there. It. An important on Alex.