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Friday, May 19th

Schools are still closed due to snow. Graduations are delayed because of the weather.Jamie's picks of the two funniest pictures she's seen so far. One is of a woman and her son at his graduation and he’s staring into an empty stadium (Graduation was cancelled). Little girl stares at snow and it’s her first day of summer vacation. Jamie watches Katie Perry and says she’s not nice. jamie predicts Katie Perry is planning a shade attack. JChris Cornell dies of supposed suicide. Brad Pitt is devastated about it.


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Vijay and Jamie. And crazy. What a great all some schools closed a bunch am actually more damning nine iron metro here bent. Outdoors. North. Yeah out towards. The north says the mountains all that's up and some outdoor and certain art canceled yeah. House. So many people are trying to graduate trying to get out of school you completed just twelve years and in some cases fourteen but I nevertheless should try to get out get your diploma in the weather's keeping you from doing it. And then the sad part is some of the the graduation sat or planet red rocks yesterday yeah. They've now rescheduled them for the weekend and now these kids have to decide if they're going to be in the state track needs via horse they're gonna graduate. It's tough decision is a tough decision you know. I think I'd go to the state track meet. And have them just to mail me on diploma and a great credit for what I think that's why don't we have two years that's you worked hard to that mr. Ramos actually via. I know so that happened and then the two funniest pictures I saw yesterday. We're our widened as she SN interface the page it was her son and they apparently hadn't gotten the memo yet about red rocks being glove. So there is this cap and gown because it was a 9 AM start for that graduation right there is it is camping down on the bleachers to staring at empty stadium. In the snow. You know. And I don't mean this in the mean right but just for that picture alone you really don't deserve a diploma. I'm just saying you don't you're sitting nearby cell and it capping down on a morning like yesterday morning all alone you really are Smart enough pictured at all because I'll tell you why yes because that's actually good student. Better than the other and because the original memo sent rain or shine. No matter what we're doing it. But you're the only wide open feeling OK and then the other funny picture was this little girlish and Asman like first grader whenever. And she just staring at the snow because it's her first day of summer vacation. And our school has gone out with X yeah. That's a ripple that. Hang in there girl. It's going to be all right I don't know this could be the world's fastest some car can go by fast isn't it's an especially within the you know it next week it is Memorial Day weekend. I mean it's it's the official kickoff to summer you realize what a waterworld is supposed to be open in a week all best of that's the reason cold water move. Could still. Well it's gonna happen but I mean the weather can change fast we can all I know but I'm just idiots couldn't happen to go to warm up but it's going to be fast. She and dad amounts of staff. Shelly first. So this whole thing about Katy Perry about and she went letters she's the nicest person I don't think I estimated mentioned that. It's yesterday they talked about how remembered too. Swift came out a bad. Yeah and it is about Katy Perry supposedly supposedly houses yes. Within each and he Katy Perry see your coming out this new album stuff. Do you our guest host shady. At Taylor Swift get out what you said. Nobody messes with me Imus show you nobody ever ever ever learn and earn ever mess at home so easy this mean. We'll wait there's more own. And she just did a compilation with. Calvin Harris. Who's a dead. So you know they were super service. While. The. I. And so is stab. People understand somebody that he go after you go after at a solar about amending peacefully put their main yep that's eggs and do the combo. It is done and double come and a. And that's gonna leave Taylor rattled man. Yes there's change she's going after in this new album and gun you've got a prediction okay. I think Taylor comes back with a another single. Throwing she'd Katy Perry OK it's fun right after she climbed Sinbad which John Mayer again again. Move. And what's his name they know they've got an panels naked who what does in Orlando Bloom Orton and yet and him though it's not a that would help teacher there is another at what's what's so Katy Perry is just an ounce at the album and she's signed up for American I. Yeah. Well we haven't seen him a swift anyway right we haven't seen anywhere they say and they did she she's going to be a judge for our American Idol. And Dorgan her new album out all of a sudden we see tell us about. Think self. I know most of my son on the team it's nineties until her purpose she was all Symbian scene because she had been seen for like a year some of them one and now she's like didn't tidbits Nash's new boyfriend to London. And she's been keeping them secret and she's not because what's the take away all this up to. I wish that. Lap I was. Just do a pay per view kind of MMA thing and that those two yet writing you just take on each other and fight it out I'd I would pay for that. That would be. Boss Katy Perry would break and I do to hand. And Lisa that was a whole thing and assist you this crazy. Chris Cornell as you all know he passed away to his own life he was the lead singer for ram. Sound garden. And dad in that debate and Q and audio slave play piano. I am I did not know this too is BF excellent Brad Pitt and they said Brad Pitt is just devastating yes awesome pictures history of yeah I he'd like loved him. And now Brad is like everything's fallen apart for brat. We're brand new right. It was on top of the world there for awhile now everything backstage with Chris Cornell. Sleep to with Angelina. World rules go to it was really Denton and Alison fell apart from that's how life changes Jamie. The blink of an. It hasn't it's gone. Well the employment and now. Chris Cornell things kind of weird to just we all know all the whole thing just doesn't make sense. Sure it was a suicide what is right Shuler. I don't know what they and it's not it's not coming together. He was you have somebody else to say in it is on an erratic. Her. I don't know much about that yet. Shocking. If it then. No I've never hit somebody and never Dixon would do squeeze on that excellent pass out. About orbit. While you do other things you wanna do and I don't get and his dog and I did not I guess I don't get it. They take because it was a day and around his neck and the that you might use in that circumstance. Cavities alone. Or did was. We don't know exactly. We don't know what does some good is bizarre because you know and this occurred they said with Dan and Al Warner. Of him leaving the stage at the fox. In Detroit. He just got a Kan said he was happy was I backstage he'd spoken to his wife it would then an Al Gore. You make a decision to take your life. It's very I'm it's bizarre and I can understand if he'd he'd gone on and on a binge it and you and got a whole craziness at 4 o'clock in the morning and you know eat it hadn't done this concert for young five hours and have elapsed. Then I can understand the pay my possibly got to that statement within now. The book. Yeah it's a dental thing it's our. Already got award he just told me just a few minutes ago that you had none of this and that I can't but there's always of the about Scott. And her. Yeah. And this that it's about Scott. So resistant plants which are gonna count as a Kardashian anymore yeah I don't know but he's got on the outs with the Oscar bash he's got that right. So here's what he did this little bastard. He was going out with grows right all of these yeah we organically keep this hour cleaned out this is the hour. The we've tried this all week womb. 7 o'clock hour and no 7 o'clock hour we're supposed to keep clean. Ambassador to me after I'm not I. Let's just keep. It. Did on Monday to meet we'll get it back on Monday a well know devastated brightness and felt we were onto something here. Try again Monday yes and it's added closed. Let dating hello rocks right she's a lung ladies Superman analysts in nineteen your zone. And is like. And I you're hasn't. And went down right. This week he was supposed to meet Allah at this McCartney's like it marks. And it's a super secret bar with an obvious and he said oh my god you know wet. I can't meet is their because I have take care of my three kids and she's like I understand still really though he was secretly going to deal of north. And to bell is just shake it up actors and so he was secretly meeting her now here's where it gets back okay. So it's got Casey. Is that would balance right on the nineteen year old another nineteen yeah. So he's out with her at the secret club guest who walks in the door coupe. He should use its outlook Elin nineteen. And he says I have to care my kids and instead it would nineteen an met up with her and then left the scene with. Well I could certainly see how you get them confused both nineteen what's Ella ones bella I. Many keep that apart I get it. She was home. He indeed changed or is it did he sees an answer that. We're here to deal with she said that because ninety I'm he was the bella. I'm she's I'm all. Recently we have seen. And it's got. Right cause problems as. They say that Courtney. You know that some react to see him with oil and I'll never be said she think she's so gross now. You get to plant just like always she didn't think civil war and the. Keep LA chants. And. It tastes and like you guys already admitted he's a sex addicts are guys already and then a busted fly winning into Dubai. When he's there with Courtney and all of a sudden she's figuring out he's a schmuck. Just takes 219 year old Allen Allen and Yemen grabbed me and says and and. Yeah I well again ninety flying those women and those destinations and as we weren't there for the family vacation. I think that was enough to say it there it's just devastating. Takes to nineteen year old stone dead out anymore. I. Scott he wears is playing so exhausting. And let's hear of Middleton and James math these now is the sister of western and queens girl sheets yes middle to. I feel bad for Tampa what did the well because it literally and pet. Around pedestal that wedding she did she stole the show there dress and we're now it's coming back to owner. Why who. Because Kitna is now getting married this weekend and it's a school production of the whole thing but the problem is. Is that those little those little prince and princess is Debbie who whatever their names are the little ones ma. There in the wedding. There is deal mission. You have. But you'd rather lose the little one steal the show than somebody with a really nice sharp but there's more like tip the did is more. You soon on say in the dip below was like what I don't know that's a wrestler but I understand it and not just you know one thing. Slogan look amazing she did she did she hates was you know. And second to one that implicates loops where in their dress weird like. Here's a book is a group and I will I made two boobs the dresses weird. So what's more what Welsh is the right right right so hairy is bring in an actor some call. All the Merkel Jenny at America and him or her Merkel. And what is Merck and all he had been Merkel could steal the show because that Merkel pretty hot. She started a business Merkel Merck and. And what she's doing but she's she's doing TV I guess right and deft in his I have an American. Yeah. It. We just stared handling well. So Merkel put wedding right. You know this so sure this is a 400000. Dollar wedding no it's more than. That's what assault this morning 402000. Is Jess debt that clear and we made the wedding but that with the reception do just that cleared they they're they're having the reception under the shadow play out you know most of his grandma. Why can't you know they check out I temporary lack stands. Know each. That cost a 150000. Dollars alone just for a glass. Asked it this is security is just running astronomical. Compared to most. Because it's just out of control than they get layers and layers of security because something if it's just think about what is something really bad happened to example from India. It takes a guy Ayers he got all these marquis people there. Is that the official name for himself and the monarchy people you know Garcia has some marquee of the Nancy should monarchy of England via. What light I understand it and people part. I'm trying to explain how devastating it would be at the marquis was golf. Got to have security. The glass build. Want to loose. And did you see that they flew in like I I guess from the factory that brought him like a hundred Bentley suvs. What. It's nice. Imagine you were married mayors com. And I can and if you don't they cut a deal now I would think that did not how often people call for those that makes. As TV's reality and their pretty expensive to start until recently it something gather high like 200000 dollars for suvs and. For car. Yeah this is going to be a sweet you'll throw down she didn't believe it is an insurance there is no idea until I know Trump's going on the Q not vacation but he's doing is a world tour thing today starting today right Siegel under the wet. Yeah. He in my Lonnie. They're headed over the direction and I didn't know who's been stopping and some initiatives like a press conference. He has attained in bed in the White House I. I think he has detaining bad in the White House where he should there's just too little white circles and like a bridge and you know I. Get attaining Mehdi to those little red goggles on mean it was just like that. Could be I couldn't do I think he's standing needs of vitamin. Now. And then finally it is so weird story. Harvey's ex wife. Has not. Been married to him for ten years I think she's off rocker. Yeah I don't get to story it's been more than ten years since Steve Harvey divorced his did digging his wife married in 2005. And now the bitter exes filed documents saying that she wants sixteen million dollars for mental anguish. Over the past ten years. Has he been mental anguish in rehearse. For ten years now or is it oh prior to that. And that all the money he's made it past two years you've been divorced from her she's got. Supposed to get any of that I wouldn't thing. I think any time you see is teeth it's mental anguish I guess is. Had a sixty daily feud and little big shots host has been accused of mental anguish in the long report by the way it was not a violator was filed her friend. Well as a man I'm completely against this ruling if he goes in her direction. As a woman I am tale. Because you can not come back and sue somebody get sixty million dollars have you been divorced for ten years the way it's not just demanding as the money at the moment. Am I can't quote this is a blog and insist sat up gladiator wolf the story as a man. I'm going on the story. Don't just add a man right. Right. It. According to the news tonight Mary main point and lusting request for sixty million dollars is emotional. And physical trauma after losing theirs and businesses. And the joy of having him and. You know that sixty million dollars will be the mental language they'll like me yes it clearer every C I don't even understand that. I don't know if you got all this drama. Money's gonna clear up enough. Fashion via price right handsome manly. I got hijacks. In. More on Alex.