BJ and Jamie: Fidget spinner is not as effective as thought 05/19

Friday, May 19th

Is the Fidget gadget good for your kids. Experts say the gadget can keep kids focused. Jamie hates it and says that the Fidget is terrible and it just makes parents have to constantly search for them.


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Each yeah and our ladies and gentlemen parents especially those digits your kids are playing wet. They're wonderful for your kids' mental status of the crap. That's what they're saying this morning that crap are are you familiar with the digits. A couple of months ago and I downloaded documents and a bottom on Amazon these things are everywhere kids are loving them there's a study out this morning single wonderful for kids that he gets focused listen it says you guys and a U. W that kids with agents back me up you know budget is couple of digits here in the studio to keep us focus area. Windy city is says is on your finger. That's not a Phidget entices or honest to own finger track and know. I here's a jazz visit toys are not just a bad. Experts reveal the popular gadgets can have severe positive effects on users don't doubt but went private a finite anybody agree with this setting. Don't look at what these do you know what at what it's just adults. Yeah Clark. Howard good that. That makes no sense what you just said they don't sit with this study because the study says it keeps kids focused on how can kidney focusing considered focus of the losing. They are lives that they are losing guess what all you had. Ha ha both of these kind of goes a peace sign does different just to hear me even yelling. And they like let's let me. So now you have to look for and know them and let's not my problem is it. Main. Thought at the I thank them if you look at that yeah yeah and then like when you look for body. Why do you look for and then he can't you can't find it moment can you please just trying to help me. Come on I love you find your phone when you lose it. Lawal. Some of the subtext Dana says hey yesterday at through my kids that it out into the snow yeah exactly Amy ante in the primary of the fund the fidget when the snow melts blood. Because these are lag more hours said that this is a big hole ADHD Phidget bing know they lose how the perfect it's not only you know adamant doing all of Zorn he's. Maybe stand behind it may be that kind of happy I mean poke. What this all started in the study this and it was wonderful birdies gets healthy get so ugly so let's analyze each. Zero. Hour of the morning diet so worked up. It's a. It is your son lost his did you. In my hundred out of it. Or my landlord a lot like I think he's not think that's because he's the shareholder. I'd think they save the it's not about being. They fit yeah owner or what is is like that Pete is saying they are made cricket with Ian Crocker and and things like that. Now they have got a lot of toys that light noise there. You'd think by and there are an annoying. But the one that I can they might look a pampered you Allard and yet and it. CT I live here compared the acting. For a look like he should go outside and play perfect fit him. Jamie there's no use yelling at Cheryl she's just giving them information exactly how wonderful these toys are. Sick and tired. It did it maybe he would actually I that you're cool black and bring it with him. Chile and he's backing out they put a little corner just an and it brings him right back here edged. I'm not saying that a try every kid that she not a lot of kids just you detect slight and it got so many trend but I have had it been like this is a choice. But market and actually eight elevenths. You work for AD domino and Garrett according to the study that's exactly what it says I'm gonna say that some of these kids you know I am ADHD they also know how to play the system Miguel. I am excited he's my digit I'm. You're what Bob I don't I bet it that are that they won't. But where are. Don't want to she's talking to us don't you think we'll play this is the same because they move some anti national. That's the other kids don't then all of that now might sound like to have ADHD just haven't had allergy because they got a special diet and I haven't out and you can't be. I don't live in this federal world. The digital world OK I don't think individual world I only saw the study this morning to Shane and I assumed it two days and a pit. Well let's of that have 88 days at stake president out you. Some kids get to durst pairs of ADHD can't sign them you don't have a good one Nam. Among the luckiest guy on the radio watch. This is my partner and I hear about the luckiest guy who lives is listener now you don't understand have you at least for now I haven't pitched well. If you and that only that when she's out of them like and that despite the. And the nonsense thank you feel we think I can't think Simon began. Good morning cal that I expect him feeling. Calvin gets. It it's an accountant maybe and need to edit or value you some really call. Our get elementary school and I can tell you there are pretty distracting in the car sir and we've had to make announcements according to its agreement and then it's just turn that it's turned into acute problem is. Generally a sense of them. Yeah you know what it is it's a new water bottle slipped and. Yes there's. There it is just taken over reportable. Except for right so different Calvin. So do you words agree with Jaime more so in this study that it's good for kids you don't think you make some focus at all. None of our workers special needs kids to be more specific sort of the larger certain ABB in size does help. It doesn't because they have to be a little bit focus wallets and their hands. And certain. Indeed they can't do that really to be here and there toward. I think it's more beneficial for like a dog but not you are you know how like people are spending ten minute meeting kind of. Click and click my son. Exxon does clearly clicking on is hannitizing and it is clicking clicking clicking clicking clicking yet I remember those squeeze remember the sounds exactly call stress ball. Here's the thing hacking may be spend as they did on your finger and do a map. Right Calvin. Yeah exactly or it might deter writing her lungs and that makes it's essentially a teacher and distracting brother chip. Yeah yeah some of the special kids get. They need to speak I'm starting decide that you guys are I don't see a way to make advocacy Sarah I knew about him. Paid and you. Just calms you right in Tiffany from like Ruth Lou good idea that the aren't good Sarah. That's excellent strategic element and helpful. At all. You know this has crap attention and decade and order a Michael want to get back. It or are they are. And my. Lawyer had. Chaos which it did you play. Any. Good at all. Our tour like you sir. And I. Thank you know her. As she gets what John you know the studies in small blanket. Yeah they did. Very well why I I'd sneak into an important.