BJ and Jamie: Fakers after someone dies 05/19

Friday, May 19th

BJ rants about how people don’t really care when other people die. Fakers and haters want to be your friend only when it's convenient.


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Each and let me get to solve my chest and you know yeah you'll be you'll also hole. You're looking at this the wrong why this guy had every opportunity to reach out to you prior to yesterday and Chris Cornell day. Chris Cornell. Late singer formerly singers sound garden while he was actually on to do with the sound garden today and then audio slave also one of the groups he passed away very talented guy I'm not dissing him and he went to implement it to eight JB knows that long before this passing of Chris Cornell I was a fan of Chris Cornell for because I I even introduce you to that video that we played yesterday here on the airplane itself but yesterday you got Chris Goodell who got Roger rails from box and all these people on base coach somehow first got an. All. I sit. Odd bits socially as it did you should not post and a violent arm. And I did he seem like post some taste but I said old to be cancer when it regarding my forget what his name it. And mean what would commandeer an Islamic. It's. I can't that was so sweet he found heat I haven't talked him for you know like a year whenever he moved away I should is that it is sweetest text that said. I couldn't help but think about you when I saw happen with Chris Cornell and our night at the the Paramount. And I was like it shows some weeks. And impeach. And BJ broader to her senses. Here's a guy not using this dad. In order to reach outreach can manage to nearly go ahead every are already open goal mouth but all of a sudden no risk that would put the she just out. Right I could go apropos that. That's what he's taken it that. Yes and I see this book but I saw this on FaceBook yesterday sold many people where we're putting their condolences and Bubba Bubba but. Mostly never had any idea who Chris Cornell once they had no idea and admiral what really got was this Roger Ailes. He's the CEO bug co-founder of Fox News. You've got to shepherds man you got all these people that went on here yesterday because Roddy. On fox. Over the death of Roger Ailes we all know that these people could not get far enough away from Roger Ailes would he was accused of hall can mimic. The debate didn't want anything to do would disguise they fire team they rainy all. They changed the locks and what lighting backpacks. They want him. Nothing to do with him in their on their cried yesterday. I would agree Roger Ailes tallied would've loved to know how much B beloved Emmett fox because they didn't treat him like that they said you want to boobs get them out we don't care about you anymore they did they. They re and that guy off. Via and they hit. It basically kicked even her hands are on the way out the of the then via a web did he passes away with a blood clot a year they comp. All of my goodness he was the greatest thing ever. This guy if it weren't for him I wouldn't have a. Or. Anything did she men aged everybody makes crap about them I mean how many times have you been like. Does that car accident that of their lives. You know we'll do it. You I'm not see. Like circuit and I would do that led by its web database. You know I told you. My sister did and instant correction of the deceased that's that's a little different. Where where is this person did something had an accident Bob and I did that exact same thing when I was on vacation. Like I almost died duke bloodless what's the one thing I'm talking about that fake sympathy. We're and they didn't show this person can't hardly any respect when they were alive and all of a sudden be this person thinking about them. You owe everything to this person now that they're gone. It says during lie I Franciscan I know. This guy and and I know I talked about the Benny shattered like in India that. He was he doesn't work in radio said it cents and a year whenever he was fired in San Diego. Right you know and so he wrote to all the radio stations is ever worked in TV at. Please let me do an Howard tributes. You notes and let me I don't need paid I just I love the guys so much into an hour an hour. Wherein they wouldn't reach out to them or whatever and then finally at Laguna Beach radio station a little one in the league in Israel and. I. Have an hour or whatever and end in sight he's like you know I like his music and the Netherlands. Wrote originally created new Diggins is best friends in high school it's a good bet any madam lines. And probably I don't know what he end result was probably didn't even drive to would you repeat because that station was a big enough kicks right. That's exactly because I can get on a CD already UC make it about me as you said. May get about may play the music and get on there and cry and act like he was my best friend but in Laguna Beach. Many listeners. Our drive. Cheryl wanna do that you know. Is right on FaceBook instead. Honestly thought that way he was talking about it I honestly I thought they were great friends I mean meant so much to me. Did so much for scenes here I thought that they were. And they need to constantly and when he wasn't getting angry actually. I'm I am going to love his music. Show you later this healthy. Image below what good is people come out of the woodwork writes yep and. I mean did she air India the prince song and I said oh my god this song is awesome UN I had been listening to that though for over a year yet. That was such an amazing vocal would you Chris Cornell has life yes a year earlier it was actually would print stuff he has started circulating right. And and in that we says oh my god disguised vocals and I consider genius it looked to watch his mouth he barely even opens his cult that sound comes out it's could not and here's my post was an I mean I don't know if this is okay or not but. I just said this song is amazing he was such a great performer at Paramount. That's life enemy like I saw your side I'm not crying and no immunity to attend the funeral probably your numbers are gonna fly down probably aren't gonna you know sent a go funny today just like experience it was a good perform here and you and yeah man. I feel better now. I think a lot of sleazy jerk reach out do you. I'm that I don't either so what is nice Jamie wipe out here protect you did I say it was not I. There's nothing better light than sweet kind. Mean. It really are our. Let me ask shock shark yes and you're very sensitive. Tender. Wendy made out. Yeah do you think this guy reached out. Because he because he was really broken out bid in in in in terror for over Chris Cornell is death at that moment that he shared Jamie. Or do you think he used this to say hey hey. I have battle but that white what about her head what about her. Hey here's a right Doug what do you think it. Not knowing what I know about it's yeah I think that he actually had a moment when he realized. Her as he continued shared that time together with Chris Cornell. And and he felt sentimental about it and that's why he reached out there you know that's that's exactly why would ask you. Cut cut cut up and I would I. If I'm wrong we did and that maybe it might spark something else for the future now. Let's talk. It was probably looking at psalm nobody site on the job. Got our work done and where Jamie white tees. And. That's what I think. I believe in honesty and the idea speech in the importance on Alex.