BJ and Jamie: The Bro Romper takes on a new look with Sean 05/19

Friday, May 19th

Sean is called out for wanting a Bro Romper but does one better and all ready has a picture of him in a romper that looks like it was made just for him.


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Each yeah and yeah. There's a picture. It's so disturbing I think keep it on FaceBook. So I think. I'm thinking you know the deal is. I kinda think we should post all weekend. We should just let let that one picture that land pictured to speak for the show we were talking about the that would that would go to get a room he had no knowledge about about Romney it's that. Pro romper. Romper yeah okay pro proper but one piece of me for a guy is in is becoming a thing in most of you've seen it on social media. Surely not talked about getting in line and possibly getting some pictures you know it's all could try did you try to get some traffic on baseball. What's disturbing about this picture is it's really got nothing to do with the it's just a picture you'd talk show. I guess what happened he he blocked it egos. I know you said that you won an agenda I want you to buy me a broad opera but I don't know Harry Hamlin who showed me a picture recent book is the hat and he says. Well. Yesterday and might have been drinking. That's it pretty obviously does not affect as it is the right Dave slower exit. And so am she you know was sewing machines you know she makes them. She makes like couture stuff for people right. And so she was selling and but she made one for whatever friends have romper refer a friend. And I guess John. Even drink it. Martinis and jumpers let's bring. Don't puts it on I'm and it takes a picture. I think. And I ended up the photo shoot a couple. Yeah it's not a picture. This disturbing about this show on an. A little bit just a man in his lie that it's thought they didn't exhibit I Robert. I let. Tom yeah we can fill up pretty. It's too good job on how to skirt and scary arts it's a robber into these robber. And then your bumpers. No this can't. I don't as a man. But take a look at the picture on her face. Our questions don't I know what you're ample human lives with a yeah where she. In room. The G he did she seem now are okay. But they not not not and its yes she did now and for her because her friends on FaceBook and you have got to see that I mean this is literally this screams. It didn't help. The old lady Laura I. The glasses just to prop it's a shot of whiskey in the glass I was drinking was you have a martini. We will that it would just a prop that. Jerry can't out there wasn't a private properties loud kid glass but nothing yeah. That's not a prop up front is like food calorie yeah. They tell me he's got it got shots of whiskey in it it's not a proper short. It is changed it from a from an easier than Archie is a delicate kicks your ass was then that. The glass where the stem this not the content home. Receive this yeah it was a plastic and the picture says it all I. I'm contents were not to prop just right. GAAP. Funny how much they are out. None Agnes and you guys then. Oh Mo and you got drunk she was on because it was nobody talked do. She was concentrating as selling it is busy as a union at exit from the yeah. Oh my god yeah that's what it was exactly it's a complete attention right now. Both Scott Hilliard at a date paid for me except. Beautiful it is beautiful. Pop ups and Jane Seymour is on Ellis nice nice.