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BJ & Jamie: 700lb Texas Woman Diets to Have a Baby. 3/21

The lady who wanted to be the fattest woman on the planet had to go on a diet because she got pregnant. Read all about Morbidly obese Monica Riley HERE! Video of I've Given Up My Dream of Being the World's Fattest Woman to Have a Baby | This Morning Read More

BJ & Jamie: Austin Bomber Dead!

This Morning we find out that the Bomber in Austin is dead. The police tracked him down to a hotel and he fled in a van, the cops gave chase and the bomber blew himself up inside his van. The police are saying there could still be some bombs out there he preplanned. Read the Whole Story HERE! Video... Read More

What are the Most Awkward Rhymes in Modern Music History?

Today we’re celebrating World Poetry Day. Sure, we could celebrate by writing something profound or by sharing the works of great poets like Shakespeare or Robert Frost.... but, alas, we aren't going to do either. We wanted to take a different route. We’re celebrating by looking at some of the... Read More

Bj & Jamie: Where On Earth Is Mark Zuckerberg? 3/21 (Audio)

Where is Mark Zuckerberg? Mark has gone missing in the last couple day due to the fall out of the news they are selling users information to a third party. Some think that Mark can stop the bleeding. Stock took a sharp drop this week and Mark lost $2 billion. Read all about Mark Zuckerberg's... Read More

Slacker and Steve - My Kids Will Never Know (Audio)

Kelly Clarkson revealed that she will never let her kids watch her movie 'From Justin to Kelly'. She said that she never wanted to be a part of the movie and that she only had to because of a contract she signed. What will your kids never know about you? Read More

Slacker and Steve - Food Hacks (Audio)

Adding water could be the secret to cooking perfectly crisp bacon. Food website Delish conducted an experiment to find out if adding a splash of water to a pan helps make bacon crispier. The test showed that water not only makes bacon crispier, but it also stops bacon fat from dangerously... Read More

WATCH: Dua Lipa Performs "IDGAF" on 'Kimmel'

Dua Lipa ’s sensational rise to pop prominence started with “New Rules” and kept rolling with “IDGAF.” Last night, the singer dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform the latter from her self-titled debut album. Watch Dua perform “IDGAF,” which contains some profanity courtesy of the audience,... Read More