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Slacker and Steve - Anyone Listening Who (Audio)

Time for another anyone listening who! This week, Slacker thinks more of you have a celebrity grudge, Steve thinks more of you have been seriously lost like the guy who was lost near Wolf Creek in Montana, and Lil D thinks more of you have been hurt by food like the New Jersey ice cream worker who... Read More

Imagine Dragons Release New Album, 'Evolve'

Imagine Dragons just released their 11-track album, Evolve , today (June 23). The album is the group's follow-up to 2015's release of the Smoke + Mirrors album from the group. EVOLVE is out NOW: — Imagine Dragons (@Imaginedragons) June 23, 2017 We... Read More

WATCH: 5 Biggest Myths About 'Despacito' Dispelled

"Depacito" has become a massive global hit this summer. In fact, the track from Luis Fons i, which features Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber could be the song of the summer for 2017. There have been misconceptions about the song, however, since its release. Those questions are things like there have... Read More

LISTEN: Adam Lambert Announces New Single

Adam Lambert sent the internet into a tizzy on Thursday (June 22) when he announced that he'll be releasing a new (solo) single later this month. The pop star wrote on Twitter that he would be releasing new music on June 30. The song is titled "Two Fux." Lambert's tweet also included a 15 second... Read More

Slacker and Steve - Lie to my Guy (Audio)

Sometimes women tell their husbands some little white lies and we found a list of women sharing some of the lies they have told! Here are a few- 1. "I never told him our toddler dropped his super-expensive watch in the toilet, which is why it quit working a month later." 2. "He doesn’t know I still... Read More

Slacker and Steve - OPP: Friend’s Clingy Husband (Audio)

Today’s OPP is from Julie and she needs your help! Her best friend, Ashley sadly passed away about eight months ago. Julie has gone to therapy and has worked extensively to get over her death. She is now at peace, but Ashley’s husband is not. He has become very clingy. He messages her on Facebook... Read More

Slacker and Steve - GMD: Kids in the Wedding (Audio)

Today’s Great Mate Debate is from Dan and Adriana and they need your help to pick a side and end their debate! Dan and Adriana are divorced with two kids, Maya (age 5) and Owen (age 3). They got divorced after Dan was caught cheating with a woman he works with, Sarah. It’s been almost a year and... Read More