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Your Last Meal

According to a new study, researchers found that death row inmates often choose comfort foods for their last meals. In fact, most of their last meals deal with a high count in calories and heavy meat. Most of the times it’s French fries, ice cream, soda, hamburgers, chicken, steak, pie and more! The average meal request adds up to about 2,756 calories, more than what you need in a single day. They’ve even seen requests like 12 pieces of friend chicken, two buttered rolls, mashed potatoes, sodas and pints of ice cream, adding up to more than 7,000 calories!
So, with all of this food talk we started thinking to ourselves, what would you like to have as your last meal?
Dave would want a roasted turkey at about 16 pounds. He’s a skinny guy so he’s going out fat. He would also like some of his mom’s cheesy potatoes, peas, corn on the cob, butter rolls, Pumpkin and lemon meringue pie.
Steve would want something flown in, but that doesn’t really happen…So, he would settle for his egg, tuna salad sandwich. But what if someone made it wrong? Therefore, he would have to ask for eggs, tuna, bread and every other ingredient to make it himself. He would also want just a can on Alfredo sauce.
Slacker’s last meal would be Steve smothered in Alfredo Sauce. Not really… Every once in a while he will look at his wife and they both will be thinking at the same time, thanksgiving! So, they will go out and get the ingredients for stuffing, a turkey and enjoy it more than once a year!
Steve instantly changed his mind to Slacker’s stuffing…
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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09/05/2012 6:18PM
Your Last Meal
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