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You Stuck What Up Your Nose?!

Skittles, legos, batteries and food, kids stick things in their nose all the time…well some adults do too. What is the weirdest thing your kids stick up their nose?
Slacker’s daughter stuck Guido from Cars up her nose, and his son would shove all kinds of things up his nose like peas. One time Slacker even shoved vitamins up his girlfriend’s nose. His friend Dave would put a string in his nose and out his mouth and pull it back and forth.
I can’t remember sticking anything up my nose when I was little but I have worked a lot with kids. I have seen crayons, fingers, and straws. Luckily nothing has even gotten stuck though. I don’t know why stick things in your nose is so fascinating to kids. They get something in their hands and must think hmm…this would be even cooler if I stuck it in my nose.
What have your kids stuck up their nose…or even you? 303-631-2542

With Love-Intern Sarah


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03/14/2012 4:11PM
You Stuck What Up Your Nose?!
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