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You Be The Judge - Train Explosion Lawsuit

Back in 2008, an 18 year old man in Edgebrook, Illinois, named Hiroyuki Joho, was trying to catch a train and was hit by an Amtrak train after trying to cross across the tracks. His body exploded and body parts flew everywhere… As it happened, a 58 year old named Gayane Zokhrabov, was standing on the platform waiting for her train when she was hit by some of Hiroyuki Joho’s body parts! The body parts knocked her to the ground, broke her leg, wrist, and her shoulder was injured. Now she wants to sue Hiroyuki's estate. Does she have the right to sue? Do you think she should get any money?
Steve thinks she has every right to sue. She should get some money out of this because she was still injured and it wasn’t her fault. The fact that Hiroyuki Joho was dead is irrelevant to him. His actions are what led to her injuries and he should be held responsible.
Slacker thinks it’s crazy that people always want money when something bad happens to them. He says, “Sometimes in life you just fall…”
This one is tough for me. I can see where Steve is coming from, as well as Slacker. Sometimes in life, you do just fall, but at the same time this woman was standing at the station going about her day when a man’s body exploded in front of her eyes and she was injured. It’s so rare and so scaring for life, that I think she does have some right to money but at the same time, if she’s suing his family, than she should not get any money. His family was not involved in his actions and don’t deserve to be punished anymore than losing Hiroyuki Joho. In a way, I think she just got unlucky because the person that injured her had passed away…
What do you think?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/03/2012 6:35PM
You Be The Judge - Train Explosion Lawsuit
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