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Slacker & Steve's Blog

Wronfully Accused

We got a letter from a listener claiming she was wrongfully accused…
My boyfriend and I were grocery shopping for a bbq we were hosting.  We had burgers, hotdogs, snacks, chips, chocolate, cookies, and other junk food in our cart.  The guy ahead of us in line began commenting on our stuff.  "Chips? Cookies? Twinkies?  Oh THAT'S really good for ya'!"  In his cart he had fresh fruit and vegetables, egg whites and whole grain bread.  This has never happened to me before so I didn't know what to say.
There is a lot of different ways this can happen to you.
Slacker was in the theatre with his son to see a movie…after going to the park while riding bikes where his son likes to run down the stairs and up the slide. Completely backwards! The stairs are only meant to be taken in one direction. He banged his ear and it swelled up and bled like crazy. At the theater, his son is ordering a bunch of stuff from the concession stand and Slacker is standing on the same side as the banged up ear. Slacker turned to tell him he couldn’t have all those things, just pick one. His son ducked because he really nervous about anyone touching the ear, at all! Along with that he did the full-on cringe, too! This totally makes it look like he struck his kid in the side of the head! His son stands up and his ear is as it was before, bloody and swollen but not because Slacker hit him. The woman in line ahead of them, shot him one of those “death glares”. Besides that, Slacker has a shaved head, ink and a goat-tee. Slacker was scared to enter the theatre from that point forward. He figured Commerce City Police was on its way.
Slacker had another time when he had a great big party at a strip club the night before and at his house and there was a “Bob” (toy) stuck to the table with a suction cup. Slacker answered the door in a robe when the Furnace service guy showed up…
Steve had a friend who was with her husband in a store and the dressing room is one of those fancy places where you can get a personal dressing person who compliments or shoots down what you try on. Anyway, the woman was undressing and the woman assisting saw that Steve’s friend had bruises on her arms and instantly assumed that it was from the husband. She walked out and confronted the womans husband straight away and Steve’s friend had to come out and explain that it was from her kids who had been hanging off of her arms earlier in the day…
Have you ever been wrongfully accused?
I haven’t been wrongly accused lately. Back in the day, I was wrongfully accused and bunch by my ex-wife! After a couple of white lies and a getting caught in a uncomfortable situation, everything I did on my own time was questioned and misinterpreted. Probably too much info, but it’s what I do…
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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07/19/2012 6:04PM
Wronfully Accused
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