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Would've Known Better

Today we were supposed to talk to “Candy” on the air, but sadly she didn’t know if she could go through with it. Completely understandable, but she did allow us to share her story. About a year and a half ago, Candy’s husband sadly passed away; they were together for eighteen years. During the holidays, she was trying to get all of her decorations for Christmas in the garage when she discovered a bag of oversized women’s clothing. In the meantime, she also had a friend hack into his laptop and in a folder were pictures of men dressed in women’s clothing. However, when she looked closer and thought about the women’s clothing in the garage, she was like, that’s not random men, those are all my husband! She couldn’t believe it! She even discovered on his laptop this has been going on since he was fourteen years old! How could she have never known?
Steve would be floored and devastated if this was to ever happen to him. How could you not feel like your marriage was a sham?
Slacker has plenty of secrets, which is why if he ever passes away, Steve has to run over to his place, grab all those things and toss them in one of his famous blue tubs. For Steve, he lives the life of a bachelor, so if he wants to be weird in his house, he can. However, if he passes away, people are going to ask for his close friends to come start ruffling through his house. What if they came to his one blue tub full of secrets? What is that secret that no one would have ever known?
Ooph, this one is rough. I don’t want to spill anything, but… Back when I was young, I was over at a friend’s house for a sleepover and in the morning we of course, had cereal. Well, instead of asking where the spoons were I just so happened to keep riffling through draws and when I opened one, I discovered marijuana. I guess it was a drawer that her mother never went into because it was a well kept secret that her step-father was using drugs.
Is there a secret about someone that you know that you never thought you would suspect?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/09/2012 3:36PM
Would've Known Better
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01/09/2012 4:29PM
African-American family on the side!
Yi! We found out from my grandmother, on her deathbed, that my grandfather had fathered twin sisters about 75 yrs earlier with a black house worker. My g-dad was raised on a farm "plantation" farm in Ellaville, GA and was close to 100 when he passed. Apparently, they kept the secret from the family for decades while my g-dad sent money periodically. He helped out but never acknowledged the girls or had any contact. It was quite the scandal when we all found out...and even more of a fiasco when my mom contacted the only one of the twins still alive. We have this whole new branch of family just about 60 miles from my home town! How crazy is that?! I called earlier...but you guys were pretty swamped with calls apparently. If you'd like to hear more, please call me 720-621-9744 or email Thanks for making the listening fun! Gina~
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