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Would You Report Couples Joining The Mile High Club On A Plane?

If you saw couples on a flight go into the bathroom together to join the mile high club, would you turn them into the flight attendant? According to a new survey, only 8% of people say they’d report it to the flight attendant.
Steve is not a part of that 8%. In fact, he would applaud those people or rather applaud to himself so he doesn’t rat them out.
Slacker kept adding different scenarios though… Say, if your kids were with you, or if they were not attractive? Or what if you needed to go to the bathroom after them?
It still didn’t change anything for Steve, but how about for you?
Half the time for me I am asleep on a plane or watching the TV. I don’t care what others are doing so if you want to join the mile high club, I say go for it!!
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/10/2012 4:13PM
Would You Report Couples Joining The Mile High Club On A Plane?
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