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Worst Co-Worker


A list of the most toxic types of co-workers has come out. They are the people that do these things in the work place:
-Stifles your talent and limits others' opportunities for advancement
-Twists circumstances and conversations to his/her benefit
-Chides or punishes others for mistakes rather than helping them correct it
-Reminds co-workers constantly or publicly of a disappointing experience or unmet expectation
-Takes credit or avoids recognition for others' new ideas and extra efforts
-Focuses solely on meeting their goals at the expense of others
-Fails to respect co-workers' needs for personal space and time
We also found a list of the most annoying things people can do in the workplace:
-- Lingers in front of your cube until you comment on their choice of novelty coffee mug.
-- Flips out every time their computer freezes.
-- Announces every poop.
-- Has projectile sneezes that can be transcribed as "GUHHHH!!!"
-- Has a weird throat clearing tick.
-- Wears theme outfits every chance they get – like sexy lion tamer or schoolgirl.
-- Is always on a cleanse of some sort (and is eager to tell you the digestive results).
-- Has an office humor schtick that involves "coffee is my drug!" jokes and impressions of the camel from that Hump Day commercial.
-- Likes to wrestle in the common area.
-- Uses the community microwave to heat up foul or pungent foods.
-- Hums to themselves all day.
-- Acts terribly awkward in the elevator, either ignoring you completely or making excessive small talk.
-- Comes to work sick and then complains about how sick they are all day.
-- Overshares extremely intimate details about their sex life.
-- Types loud and forcefully…all the time.
-- Makes dramatic personal phone calls at their desk that everyone can hear.
-- Has to comment on EVERYTHING in EVERY meeting.
-- Steals granola bars from the kitchen and hoards them in their desk.
-- Flirts with every person who comes to the reception desk.
-- Always asks to borrow stuff that most people never bring to work with them — like deodorant or a toothbrush. WTF?
-- Douses themselves in Victoria's Secret or AXE body spray every morning.
-- Tells long pointless stories when you're busy.
-- Helps themselves to your food without asking.
-- Takes off their shoes under the desk and doesn't care that their feet REEK.
-- Spreads conspiracy theories about the company.
-- Seems to have no idea how to use a computer (seriously, how did they get hired?).
-- Steals your ideas and takes credit for them.
-- Jams the copy machine and leaves it jammed.
-- Delegates work to you even though they're not your boss.
-- Farts all day long without shame.
-- Constantly complains about how busy they are to make themselves feel more important.
-- Throws you under the bus in front of your boss or clients.
-- Misses at least two days a week of work because they're "not feeling well."
-- Asks tons of questions when everyone wants to get out of a meeting.
-- Guilt trips everyone in the office into buying crappy cookie dough and wrapping paper for their kid's fundraisers.
-- Doesn't return urgent emails for days.
-- Talks back to the computer screen.
What are the worst things a co-worker has done that you've ever had to deal with?

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10/29/2013 8:40PM
Worst Co-Worker
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