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Word You Hate


There is one specific word that women hate more than any other word in the English language…tell us what you think it is!

So we are taking calls from only women on this topic. A wall of women, let's say. Steve is going to whisper the word in the callers' ear and get the instant response on the air.

Slacker said the word is no problem for men. He could get it tattooed on his body and it wouldn't bother him at all. It would bother the fairer sex, though.

The first caller doesn't hate the word. The second caller thinks of a movie. The third caller has no problem with it.

What's the word?


Well, this is going well. The guys just think there's something wrong with the first three callers....

What words do you hate?

I hate the "C" word and the "N" word. Usually when those two words are used, it means the person using them is narrow minded or at the least not a good communicator.

Peace, Love and Good happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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10/29/2012 3:57PM
Word You Hate
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10/30/2012 6:34AM
Shortened words and acronyms
I too hate it when people shorten words... Just last night a girl we were sitting at dinner with said "this position booth is sup comf (super comfy)" I really wanted to throw my chicken wing at her but thank goodness my boyfriend feels the same way I do and said something or my chicken would have learned to fly all over again... The other thing I hate is when people say stupid acronyms used in texting like OMG or LOL... I already dislike seeing them used so much but to hear them come out if someone's mouth just makes me want to slap them and say The English language is a very difficult one to learn so you should use the 10% that you do know and people might not think you are the product of stupid breeding with stupid! ~ Alia
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