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Women And/Or Children First?

If you haven’t watched the news lately, all people are talking about is the sinking of the Costa Concordia cruise ship near Giglio Island in Italy this past Friday. The ship hit some rocks off a Tuscan island, which is off track from their normal route. Um, red flag? The Captain, Francesco Schettino, has been put in jail, blamed for putting thousands in harms way. He even got off board before all passengers were off! The death toll is currently at 11 and although the story continues to develop, Slacker had to talk about how this story is causing, no pun intended, ripple effects all over the country.
Slacker has family members that have planned to go on a cruise this week!! If you were them, would you get on a cruise ship? Slacker asked this question to Steve and at first he said no, but with Slacker’s logic, he swayed his answer to yes. Slacker says of course, if there was some sort of outbreak of bacteria on one specific cruise line, he would never get on that cruise line, but this is a ship that crashed because the captain wanted to drive closer to an island! He promises nothing bad is going to happen!
Speaking of the Captain, Steve brought up a good question. Shouldn’t it if be women and children first? Although, with the question said, he doesn’t think women should be included in this “code” during an emergency. He says when chivalry died, this died with it; that all women want to be treated equally, so they should have to wait in line like everybody else to be rescued. Slacker brought up a good point though… What if you are the parent of one of those kids? Shouldn’t you be with them? What is good “code?”
I’ve been on, I think six cruises in my life and not once did I experience a problem, unless you count a rocky night and a little motion sickness. That’s besides the point… I know the odds of this happening are very rare, like a plane crash, but I can see how it’s scary to think about. I remember watching the movie, ‘Poseidon’ all the time just preparing myself in any case of emergency on a cruise ship, but it never terrified me from going on one. It’s one of the safest ways to travel and see the world. Although I won’t be going on a cruise anytime soon, my parents are about to venture off on one next month and they will be heading to Europe for a cruise in the summer. This doesn’t scare them. They’ve been on like twenty!
On what Steve said, I think it should always be children first, and technically, it is. Women just happen to be the one that always goes with the child and I think it’s kind of like what Slacker said… If you are a parent that feeds one of those mouths, shouldn’t you be with the child?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/17/2012 6:41PM
Women And/Or Children First?
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