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Wild Weddings


Crazy bridezilla’s, ruined wedding dresses, fist fights…weddings can get pretty crazy.

 Celebrity “health guru” Rainbeau Mars had an unusual wedding demand for all of her guests – to go vegan and eat a live food diet for 21 days. Guests also will have the option of attending breath-work classes, horseback riding and yoga at the wedding – which will be in Hawaii.

Here’s another wedding fiasco: a couple who got married last weekend just got out of jail this weekend. What’s the best way to celebrate…how about going back to the big house? The groom was Irish so they had a traditional Irish wedding which included him wearing a kilt. Irish men don’t wear underwear under their kilts. During a pre-wedding photo shoot the groom sat on the bride’s knee. The groom accidentally left a doo-doo skid mark on the bride’s dress and they couldn’t get the stain out. Fists began flying, cops were called and arrests were made. How romantic!

Slacker and Steve have a gnawing feeling that Rainbeau is going to be having a dry wedding.

The Irish wedding sets the bar pretty high, can you beat that? What was your wedding fiasco?

With love,
Intern Elana

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06/12/2013 5:26PM
Wild Weddings
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