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Why Do We Want To Talk To You On Monday?

Are you making a life-changing decision this weekend? Confronting someone? Revealing a secret you’ve kept? We want to hear about what you plan on doing and then we want to talk to on Tuesday after you’ve done it!
Slacker is probably getting a divorce. Tomorrow is the Broncos vs. Patriots playoff game and his wife’s favorite team is the Patriots (Boo!). If the Broncos/Tebow/Jesus wins, than Slacker is doomed. He can’t even live in their house because she is so unbearable when the Patriots lose. Steve of course thinks the Patriots are going to win so Slacker’s marriage is safe.
Steve is supposed to hook up with a local celebrity. They were supposed to go shooting last weekend, but is got postponed to this weekend and now she won’t even speak to him, so he has no idea what’s going on.
Last time we did this topic, Candy told us she had relations with her Uncle and she knew she had to tell her Aunt. He came onto her when her Aunt was out of town and ever so often he would ask her to have relations so she gave in the one time to make him stop. Well, now we have an update and… her Aunt was actually very calm about it. She took it well but the day after the conversation, the Uncle denied it and he’s a pastor! She can’t do anything about that, but as long as she got it out there and her Aunt knows, she feels tons better!
What am I doing this weekend? Well, since we all know how much I love Tim Tebow, I will probably getting wasted and watching the Broncos win!!
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/13/2012 4:11PM
Why Do We Want To Talk To You On Monday?
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