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Black Widow Misses the Mark

Scarlet Johansson hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend.

She was there partly to promote Avengers: Age of Ultron, the latest offering by the folks at Marvel Comics.

In it, she plays Black Widow.

In this little trailer developed by the folks at SNL, Black Widow gets her own movie - because Marvel knows girls.

Seems like it wasn't that long ago we could have said SNL knows comedy.

Unfortunately, not this time...

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Some Things You Can't Forget

Matt LeBlanc visited The Graham Norton Show (on BBC) recently, and the conversation turned to some of the songs he'd sung while on Friends.

It's amazing how some things just stick with you - even after all these years.

Check out this snippet from the show.

Pretty funny stuff.

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Tony Allen of the Memphis Grizzlies took some major heat from the hometown fans of the Golden State Warriors during yesterday's first game in the second round of the NBA finals.

During a time-out, the Warriors Junior Jam dance team took to the floor to perform for the crowd.

Oblivious to that, Tony walked right out onto center court while the kids were dancing.

That earned him a huge chorus of boos.

Not only then, but every time he touched the ball during the rest of the game.

In case you're wondering, the Warriors won the game, 101 - 86.

Instant karma, anyone?

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All for His Family

15-year-old Isaac Waddington blew away the judges recently on Britain's Got Talent with his version of Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman."

But that's only part of the story.

The biggest and best part of the story is how he managed to move his parents and his younger brother to tears with his performance - while earning a standing ovation from the audience.

If you don't get goosebumps watching this video, watch it again until you do.

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What Was Worse, the Fight or the National Anthem?

Not a lot of people were huge fans of the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight on Saturday night.

But even fewer were fans of the way Jamie Foxx treated the singing of the National Anthem prior to the fight.

The video was all over You Tube and Facebook yesterday, but now it's been taken down - "due to a copyright claim by CBS."

But Jamie took a trashing all over social media - especially on Twitter.

Here's one non-fan, who posted a video of herself doing the Jamie Foxx version of the National Anthem, showing she's ready should the call ever come!

Practicing the Jamie Foxx version of the National Anthem (for when that opportunity comes knocking.)

A video posted by Bayne Gibby (@baynegibby) on

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Let's Just Flush This Idea, Why Don't We?

Okay, this is hilarious in a very juvenile way.

A city councilman in Georgetown, Texas excused himself from a council meeting for a bathroom break.

He forgot that he was wearing a body microphone, and also forgot to turn it off.

So, while the council's business continued, this councilman's business was broadcast throughout the chamber.

Too bad this guy's not on a city council in California - sounds like he could solve their drought problem single-handedly...

A city councilman forgot to take his mic off when he took a bathroom break... and the whole council heard everything.

Posted by NowThis on Saturday, May 2, 2015
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Take it Off, Put it Back On

Amy Schumer strikes again...

Thanks to Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central and some key recent TV appearances, she's the hottest comic out there.

This new video of hers will help cement that hotness.

Ladies, how many times have you heard this: "Girl, you don't need any makeup. You're beautiful the way you are."

This little ditty pokes some fun at that, and more...
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A Lannister Never Gives Up Spoilers

The other night on Conan, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau told some stories about offering up Game of Thrones spoilers.

He plays Jamie Lannister on the show, and off-camera, he's got an interesting sense of humor.

In this little tale, he talks about a random comment about a duck that had fans scrambling for clues and debating its significance.

And after Conan begged a little, he gave up a little something about Dany's dragons...


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Hiccups for the First Time

His name is Buck.

He's eight weeks old.

And he's experiencing his first case of the hiccups.

This could be the cutest puppy video on the web right now.

Poor thing has no idea what's going on, so naturally, he's got to try to scare them away...

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Clever Fox, Mutant Fox?

A crew from Radio Free Europe visiting the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in the Ukraine recently was greeted by a fox.

The fox looked thin, so the folks decided to offer it some food - sausage and bread.

Watch the video as the fox picks up the ingredients to make a five-decker sandwich which he carted away.

Looks like the nuclear disaster may have caused a genetic mutation, giving this fox the superpower of sandwich-making.

How long before we see X-Foxes in theaters?

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