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BJ & Jamie's Blog

What is haunting Bj's dogs?

BJ is convinced that his house is haunted. His dogs keep barking at nothing!!! Paranormal investigators are going to try to talk to the ghosts. Stephanie from Unearthy Paranormal investigations thinks that the dogs must be uncomfortable and are in distress. BJ says he house is a dump and wonders if Unearthly Paranormal will judge him. Jamie wants Stephanie to talk to her cat Clifford, who was eaten by the coyotes. BJ confessed as soon as Stephanie was off of the phone that he does not want to actually do this! Stay tuned to see if Jamie can convince BJ to go through with it. Check back next week for the video!

Listen to our conversation HERE

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10/05/2012 7:44AM
BJ Stars on House Hunters
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10/05/2012 2:36PM
Response from Unearthly Paranormal Investigations!
Loves & kisses to everyone!
10/05/2012 3:21PM
Check Out Anyone Coming Into Your Home!
You might want to check out who the paranormal team is that is coming into your home first and check out their reputation. Have you really listened to their evidence and can they stand behind it? Where are there references, if they have fifty investigations, check them out and their references! Do they have any type of criminal background? What is their paranormal history? Have you checked THEM out? Don't just invite someone in your home without knowing who they are, as there are better teams out there you can work with. Merredeth
10/05/2012 3:43PM
These are girls are legit, I contacted them to investigate my home in south denver and they were professional, respectful and courteous. They don't have an agenda all they want to do is find out what is going in the home. As for my results, it wasn't anything dramatic it turned out to be some kind of static charge nothing paranormal but their team put my family and me at ease. Also, they respected my privacy at my request. NK
10/05/2012 4:56PM
Are you sure?
Researched the experience of this team. Didn't find a slue of evidence or references. BJ, I know personally if someone I didn't even know comes into my home, I would want to see what kind of proof of expertise especially with private homes and animals. TomW
10/05/2012 7:54PM
fly by nite
All too often it seems these teams who think they are experts and state they can help only end up possibly bringing in their own baggage to the party. How do you know they don't carry negativity with them, or if they really can help? From what I can see this two person team doesn't have the credentials to meet your expectations. It takes years of working in the paranormal and includes proof to back up these claims. I see none of this on their site. Only a few interviews and clips. Nothing that shows capabilities of past recognition in the realm. I would heed warning to BJ to think twice about this risky endeavor. I think a more adequate group would suit your needs and be give you peace of mind. CASEY
10/05/2012 8:56PM
concerted attack
Wow, such hate from so many! Am I the only one who thinks this has to be some sort of concerted attac k from some other group that thinks THEY deserve to do this investigation insted? There's no such thing as "credentials" in this field. The only qualification is: does the client trust the investigators. Enough with the defamation of people you don't know.
10/05/2012 9:06PM
Concerted attack 2
BTW, I'm not an investigator, but I do know members of several groups and find them to be normally very freindly and eager to colaborate between groups. Generally a tight knit community.
10/05/2012 10:29PM
Response from Unearthly Paranormal Investigations! On concerted attack.
It's okay to concerted attack poster,unfortunately there are certain people that find joy in attacking others, one person in particular that feels the need to spend her time attacking us on a regular basis. What we didn't talk about on the radio is that the two of us also have our own groups that we have done many ghost investigations with, and our evidence is posted on our ghost group sites. We chose to go under our Unearthly Paranormal Investigations because these are the projects we have been doing lately, having people tell us their stories and such. This is about BJ and his situation, and he has trusted us to help him, and this is what we are going to do. People do not really know who we are, you are right, someday people will not be so quick to jump to conclusions without knowing facts.
10/05/2012 11:37PM
bystander with questions
high, I am just stopping by and had to join in on this weird conversation. i don't really get involved in these types of issues. coming from an outsider to all this, i dont quite see the harm in people making an educated stand. personally i dont see an attack here either. if someone is to be on the radio and says they know their stuff, then i would say you must be ok with others questioning that. if you have nothing to hide then why bother? not seeing a woman after you either. remember everyone has their own opinion. if you have to defend yourself as an attack you obviously are hiding or the truth hurts. kinda looks like you have your own concerted attackers here too. i dont see others teams talking about wanting to do a service here. i see more of a delusional fabrication if nothing else. maybe this is what they call creating a dramatic event for no reason? i get it now all planned. wow! kinda like on american idol. hope this works out for BJ drama free
10/06/2012 9:46AM
Resonse to Bystander with Questions from U.P.I.
Hi Bystander. There were some posts earlier that you must have not seen that the IT department at Alice deleted. There is a person in the paranormal community that is disgruntled with us and has been notifying radio stations and going about the community telling people not to let us investigate, for her own insecure reasons. Again the person went on a blog attack right away when they found out we were on Alice, and using whatever name they chose to use. I know that when you are in the public eye that yes you will be questioned, I do not have any problem with that. I also realize that people want to look out so to speak for BJ, he is a great guy, and that is why we offered to help. I wish people would give BJ more credit for his decisions, he knows alot more than what it may look like here on these blogs, and he is a grown man and should be respected. The drama started with these blogs bystander. All BJ wants is for us to investigate his situation, it is very simple, it got complicated when again this disgruntled person decided to attack us yet again in an attempt to make us look bad, and they failed again. I can only assure you that we are regarded as upstanding, honest, and respected in the paranormal community, and people regard our work as such, we work with many paranormal groups. BJ is in good hands everyone, lets be positive. Sabrina and Renee.
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