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What in the Sam Hill?

Flea from RHCP and his movie magic...

First appearance- The Big Lebowski..

And then Back to the Future Part 2!

And seen here with Charlie Sheen in The Chase.

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Cee Lo as a singing hot tub...

This was SO funny!! Cee Lo makes a great singing hot tub. See the behind-the-scenes clip BY CLICKING HERE.

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Christina Perri shares her 'magic' green smoothie recipe...

Here's a recent post from Perri's own blog:

for those of you who have been asking for me to repost this…

here you go!


1st add some water--the consistency you want (glopy or watery) is up to you, so add as you go if you want...

-half a cucumber (with skin)

-1 apple (with skin)

-1 pear (with skin)

-1/2 celery stick

-2 or 3 asparagus

-1/4th jicama (no skin)

-3 leaves of kale (no stems)

-12 strawberries

-20 blueberries

-1 banana

-1 scoop of protein

(sometimes i switch it up + add stuff like: figs, fennel, broccoli, brussel sprouts… it all tastes good together)

after one week of drinking this every morning, you will feel like a new person.

i promise. i even got my mother + all my friends drinking it!




If you want to visit Perri's website for more- CLICK HERE

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Fun with James Bond themes...

I mentioned a few times that Adele has strongly hinted she will be doing the theme for the next James Bond flick. I found this cute article from Gareth Dimelow at where he is being reminiscent of his favorite past 007 themes.

CLICK HERE to check it out!

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Train wants to congratulate you on your wedding day!

The guys in Train have done a lot of fun contests and vids since the release and success of their song "Marry Me." Their latest? A contest to have them record a personal wedding congrats for you and your sig other on your wedding day!

CLICK HERE to enter their contest!

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Lady Gaga gets inked by Kat Von D

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Katy Perry outtakes from Maxim's photo shoot...

Love her music or not- Katy certainly is photogenic! Here's one outtake from her Maxim shoot:

Wanna see the rest: Follow the link below to
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Can you imaging going a YEAR without seeing yourself in a mirror?

Kjerstin Gruys decided to take a year off from seeing herself in the mirror. I think one of the most surprising things about this is during that period- she will be getting married!! I don't know if I could do it. Check out her blog, it's pretty inspiring.
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Let me link ya up with FTP...

Foster the People that is!

I love their journal on their website- the pics are quite entertaining. You can check 'em out HERE.
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Ke$ha Goes Natural!!

Yes, that is Ke$ha... My opinion only but she looks so much prettier than with all that glitter piled on her face!

See more pics from the shoot with Terry Richardson BY CLICKING HERE.

Pic: Terry Richardson via Celebuzz
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Fans First- I like it!

If you're a music lover like I am, chances are at some point you really wanted to see a concert and discovered the tickets were sold out. What to do? Find someone that's selling them online, right? Or maybe even canvass the venue to see if you can find someone willing to unload a pair.

Quite often you end up paying more (much more) than the face value price of the tickets- well hey, that's what scalpers and ticket hustlers do. They buy tickets to shows they know are in demand and then they sell them to people who are desperate enough to pay a much higher price. Oh, let me correct myself there... they TAKE ADVANTAGE of people who really want to see a show (or sporting event). These scalpers are not fans, they are not poor souls that suddenly realized they couldn't make it to the show and don't want to eat the ticket price. I'm not talking about the people who honestly can't use tickets they've personally purchased with the intention of attending but can't. That's different.

Anyhow,  some artists and athletes are doing  something to help fix the problem. It's called Fans First and you can find out more about their coalition BY CLICKING HERE. The artists and teams that stand behind this new non-profit have a goal of helping fans get what they deserve- a great experience at a more reasonable price.

Now, who do I see about getting the price of a concert down in GENERAL? :)
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Allow me to introduce you to Martin Harley...

Over this past weekend, I was fortunate enough to meet an incredible songwriter/musician. A couple  dear friends of mine brought him to the states to share his music with some of their acquaintances. What I was treated to was so fantastic it would be irresponsible of me NOT to share it with you. If you've seen anyone rock the lap steel before you know how incredible that instrument can sound. After Martin blasted out a couple of tunes on his lap steel I was firmly convinced he's the real deal.

His accomplishments are extremely unique as well. For example, last year he went on a tour he called "The Blues Gone Green Tour" where he played 27 gigs over a 1,200 mile distance in 31 days. Every one of the shows was acoustic because Martin rode his BICYCLE to every gig. He rode along with two guitars and his other gear strapped on his bike. You can watch the documentary video below:

Might I recommend that you get to know Martin a little better BY CLICKING HERE.

I never try and predict if a talented artist will find the success they deserve, but I certainly have no qualms about singing the praises of those I feel worthy and spreading the word to my music-loving friends. If you're looking for something new to enjoy, I hope you'll give Martin a moment of your time. If you ever get a chance to play ping pong with him, know that he won't let you win just because you're a girl. Trust me, I know from experience. :)

p.s. Martin recommended another artist to me- Mark Morgan. I haven't checked him out yet but you can bet I will.
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Lady Gaga vs. Katy Perry in the epic "MERMAID BATTLE!"

Gaga and Perry fans have taken to Twitter in their war over whether Perry copied Gaga by recently sporting a mermaid costume. (The tabloids are referring to dressing as a mermaid a current trend, btw.)

What exactly caused the battle between the fans? First, view Gaga's video of a performance of "The Edge of Glory" below...

And now take a look at this photo Katy tweeted of herself planking in a mermaid costume...

Photo:Katy Perry/Twitter

Finally, I bring you simple logic with the following Madonna classic...

Ok, so I'm not really bent out of shape about this little fan tiff. They can be as worked up as they want to be. It's kind of cute to watch them hack at each other on Twitter.

But, allow me to make one little point about the tabloid mention of the mermaid thing being a trend.

Calling dressing as a mermaid a "trend" is a little much. Until I see more mermaids on the streets of Denver, I'm going to let this one go. However, if I DO see more mermaids, maybe I'll simply ask them who inspired them. Sure, it won't necessarily be a scientific poll but likely enough to satisfy my personal curiosity. If you should see any mermaids I would appreciate it if you would ask the question as well so I can expand my unofficial poll. I greatly appreciate it.
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So, I broke a mirror...

I realized something this morning as I gazed thoughtfully (and feeling slightly annoyed) at the broken shards of my hand mirror scattered all over the bathroom floor. I've NEVER broken a mirror before. I'm not particularly superstitious but I thought it was probably a good idea to check out what people normally do to counteract such an event. It was more curiosity than anything.

There was a plethora of helpful information on the internet when it comes to counteracting the bad luck breaking a mirror can supposedly cause.

Below are some very simple things you can do if you find yourself bound by your superstition.

  1. Throw salt over your shoulder.

  2. Directly after breaking the mirror, turn around three times counterclockwise.

  3. Burn the mirror, or at least blacken its shards in the flames of a fire. Save the fragments for a year and then bury them, and the curse will be counteracted (so you've only had to live with one year of bad luck).

  4. On the first night after breaking the mirror, light seven white candles and blow them out at midnight in one breath.

  5. Touch a tombstone with a piece of the mirror and the hex will be lifted.

During my investigation, I also came across the following advice that was more in keeping with my personality.

When you break a mirror:

  1. You have to clean up the mess.

  2. You may cut yourself on the glass.

  3. You may have to buy someone a new mirror.

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My shoes are on their last leg... literally.

I've been lying to myself for quite a while when it comes to the condition of one of my favorite pairs of wedge shoes. I'm pretty certain their retirement should have come last summer but I doggedly held on, telling myself they weren't THAT bad. This morning I dragged them out of the closet and strapped them on my feet. It's impossible for me to ignore the frayed heels, the damage to the leather upper and the fact that my feet have made a permanent imprint inside. These shoes are freakin' nasty. The picture doesn't do them proper nasty justice but you can kind of see the damage on the top.

Today will be the final day for these babies!

I'm not one to normally hang onto items of clothing for dear life but these are one of theeeee most comfy pairs of high wedges I've owned in my life (and I have owned hundreds, maybe even thousands of pairs of shoes). I could walk for miles in them and they never gave me blisters- they didn't rub the top of my foot and they looked good with so many summer outfits.

They've been good to me. How will I ever replace them? I have dozens of other summery shoes but non can love  my feet like these have. Sigh! Maybe I'll bury them in my backyard. Is that wrong?

While searching the internet for another pair of shoes to catch my eye and distract me from my impending loss, I found an article that features shoes made out of some unique pre-loved (or just plain used) materials. The pair below features ELEPHANT DUNG... huh? That brings a whole new meaning to stinky feet. Now, I could probably rock the lego ones that I saw in the story. If you want to check out all the pics in the story CLICK HERE TO SEE!

Thanks to for the link
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Katy loves her candy...

If I had to wear chocolate THAT close to my girls, I'd probably go with M&Ms- they melt in your mouth, not in your... cleavage.

CLICK HERE to see more from the shoot!
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Adam Levine vs. Adam Lambert?

I'll admit, I don't watch "The Voice." I love the concept of the show but I'll be totally honest and tell you I've been on a major reading kick lately and it's really cut into my t.v. watching ability. Big time. I still like to catch the clips and such though and earlier this week, I came across a bit of a controversy that stemmed from one performance in particular on this week's show.

Coach Adam Levine complimented contestant Nakia's performance of Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want From Me" and expressed complete unfamiliarity with the song, even going as far to say, “I’m actually not familiar with that song, but you just forced me to like it. And that’s very cool. You have so much power up there and everything was amazing. You’re such a great singer. I’m pretty sure that, although I haven’t heard that song before, that you probably sang it better than the person that sang it originally.”

As you can imagine, fans of Lambert did NOT take kindly to the comment and pretty much assaulted Levine on Twitter. Possibly the only person to be calm about the whole thing was Lambert himself, who tweeted to fans, “Yeah Nakia! Saaaang boy!! Great performance. I think Adam might know who I am after this next album. Get ready for me Levine. Hahah

But for the record, Im def a Maroon 5 fan. Fans: there is NO reason to be angry. Thanks for being protective but it's all good. :)”

Do you think Levine deserved such a lashing for not knowing one of his musical peers most popular tunes?

Here's the vid if you didn't catch the performance and comments live:

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Music and Wine Go Sooooo Well Together!

The past few years I've been enjoying a growing appreciation and possible lifetime obsession with wine. I remember hearing of Train's Wine Club last fall when they announced its formation but I didn't really dig into the news at that time. Today it randomly popped into my head-  Train is the only band I can think of off the top of my head that has a wine club. How cool is THAT?? I'm thinking I should try some of their recommendations and actually explore joining the club.

I love wine but I have never joined a club and checking out Train's club made me wonder if any of our Alice friends had good recommendations for clubs? I'd love to hear yours!

Meanwhile, check out Train's club BY CLICKING HERE.

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Fergie's Allure cover...

Here's Fergie looking lovely on the cover of Allure:

See more from her photo shoot HERE!
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Balancing budgie... 1 and a half minutes you'll never get back...

but you'll probably be ok with it.

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A list of dos and don'ts if you want Katy Perry to play a show for you...

One thing is clear... if you're hosting Katy Perry- NO CARNATIONS. Hey, who knows- Katy might have an allergy to them.

I found a few pages from Katy's tour rider and if you CLICK HERE you can check out a few pages from the 45 page rider- this is the fun stuff as I'm sure the other pages are filled with a lot of tech-babble.

Thanks to for the fun read!
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I probably wouldn't spend $4,500 on these...

but they really are right up Lady G's alley. Lady Gaga's heels were edited during her appearance on American Idol. You can see why cause TMZ does a much less thorough job of blocking them.

See the rest of the entry BY CLICKING HERE.
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Katy Perry's "royal" manicure...

Katy tweeted this pic a few hours ago... what do you think of her nails?

Follow Katy on Twitter by CLICKING HERE.
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I can't help it- I laughed at most of these...

I'm sure the brides in most of these clips weren't thrilled AT ALL that their wedding mishaps were caught forever on video, but hopefully they were able to look back and laugh at some point. The first one was definitely the shocker for me!

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Justin Timberlake

Justin is one of many celebs who are participating in Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's "Real Men Don't Buy Girls" campaign. Other ads feature Sean Penn, Drake, Jamie Foxx and more. If you want to know more about the cause- visit Ashton and Demi's page BY CLICKING HERE.
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Now, you've probably joked a couple of times with your friends about Pajama Jeans, right? I don't actually know anyone that has them but hey, I'm not one to wear my pajamas anywhere but in the privacy of my own home even if they resemble actual jeans. It's like not changing your underwear.. it doesn't matter that other people don't know. *I* know and that's enough to shame me into trying a little harder when I go out.

That's just me. If you feel comfy rollin' around town in your pjs then by all means, go right ahead!

Today I was watching the NEWS (On mute here in the studio) and saw a commercial for THESE. They are called JeanPants. They are UNDERWEAR. FOR GUYS. In case you missed that last link: CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM.

I don't know why, but they make me feel uncomfortable just looking at them. I feel like I felt when I was a young girl and first saw a male underwear advertisement. I felt shy, awkward, uneducated and a bevy of other things. Am I so square that I can't see the extreme value of this product?
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Train wants to help a soldier propose in a very cool way!

Here is the link to find out more about this really cool contest Train is having for deployed soldiers hoping to propose to their significant other. FYI- the deadline is May 4th.

Click HERE

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