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What Would You Do With 14 Days Left To Live?

Sean Swarner, at 13-years-old was told he had Hodgkin’s disease and just three years later he was diagnosed with a second type of cancer and was told he only had 14 days left to live. Yesterday, 22 years later, after he was supposed to be dead, Sean ran the Boston Marathon finish with a time of 4 hours, 52 minutes, and 37 seconds. In 2008 he competed in the Ironman World Championship and in 2002, he became the first cancer survivor to climb Mount Everest! Everyday he continues to fight and climb. He’s climbed the tallest mountain on all seven continents.
This was inspiring to us and it started to make us think…If you had only 14 days left to live, what would you do?
Slacker would be having non-stop relations with his wife and he would hang with his kids maybe one day out of the fourteen. Steve thought Slacker wanted to play Red Rocks but he thought it would be too cold if it was winter, so our Producer Dave told him to wear a jacket.
If Steve had 14 days to live, he would finish off the four drugs he hasn’t done. He would swing by Panda Express and get some orange chicken. He would also get an armored car and smash everybody out of his way. He says Slacker can run shotgun.
If I had 14 days left to live, I would probably spend a day writing letters to everyone I’ve loved, whether they were still in my life currently or not and let them know exactly how I felt about them and what I would always want them to remember. I would let others hand those out of course because then I would be having relations, eating all my favorite foods and joining Steve on his adventure with his armored car.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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04/17/2012 6:22PM
What Would You Do With 14 Days Left To Live?
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05/18/2015 2:35AM
What I'd do if I had 14 days to live. Everyone would be glad I'm sure
Well I guess I wouldn't bother with that exercise program I haven't bothered with to date so no need for new clothes for that planned weight loss. Oh those are things I wouldn't do! I'd finally work up the nerve to contact my son again & hope he'd listen to me instead of someone I've seen once in 41 years who knows nothing at all about me. Maybe he'd let me see him again for the first time in person in 10 years things coming 11 June it will be that long. I miss him so much (my only child) and people can be so evil for their own selfish reasons no concern how it affects him all his life. I know this is so late from when you posted it but I had a need to tell (type) to someone probably knowing you'll never read it anyway but thank you.
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