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Weird Thing in Your Purse


If a woman's purse is neat and tidy she either just switched bags or did a massive clean out, because when it comes to a girl's daily purse, it's always a mess! The messes vary, however, based on different personalities.

Here's what the mess inside your purse says about you:

            • The Overstuffed Purse Mess: This is the purse that has so much stuff in it that it's actually getting difficult to zip up. If your purse is constantly over-flowing, you are a make-it-work kind of girl. You are loyal to your favorite things and favorite people. Just because the zipper on your bag isn't working anymore or the seams are starting to burst doesn't mean it doesn't look slamming with your favorite outfit. Why get rid of it?!

            • The Dumpster Purse Mess: This purse is dirty. To find a pen you have to dig through melted pieces of gum, old receipts, dust, wrappers, and who knows what else. If this is what your bag is like, you are a busy girl with an active social life who has better things to do than spend time cleaning out her bag. You are also environmentally conscious because you would rather dump your trash into your purse than be a litter bug!  

            • The Always Prepared Purse Mess: This is the purse that is full to bursting with anything and everything you could possibly need for any situation or emergency. Sewing kit? Check! Hair ties? Check! Nail file? Check! Flashlight? Of course! Kitchen sink? Possibly. If you aren't a mom, you are the mom of your friends. You secretly love that everyone looks to you for a tissue, pen or chapstick – even though you act like you find it totally annoying! You are always on time, dressed appropriately and always feel ready to take on any challenge!   

            • The Make-up Explosion Purse Mess: Blush compacts have disintegrated in the bottom of your purse and lip stick and liner is caked into the bottom crevices. No matter what goes in your bag it comes out in a layer of pink and glitter. If this is your bag, you are a style and make-up guru, but you don't want to be the girl who is constantly reapplying and touching up her face. So, you hastily reapply during bathroom breaks and never manage to put lids and caps back on properly .. .it can get very messy! You are definitely the girl that your friends always come to for fashion and makeover advice, and you frequently do other people's make-up.    

            • The Mom Mess: Your bag doubles as a diaper bag, toy chest and snack pack. There are always squashed cheerios, teething rings, matchbox cars and baby wipes in your once beloved designer bag. If this is your bag, you're a mom, but you still value style. Who says your favorite Michael Kors can't handle a bag of goldfish that opened up and then got pulverized into the once pristine liner?! (Cosmo)

Slacker would never grab anything from his wife’s purse, not even if he is given permission! He says will never enter the “dark zone.” Slacker said he was in a meeting one day and a woman spilt her purse everywhere and he saw something lipstick shaped, but wasn’t a lip stick container. Slacker said it must have been her “Bob.” Slacker likes being a man because he doesn’t have to carry anything not even spare underwear. He also claims that Lil D’s wife has an “Always Prepared” mess in her bag because one day he needed scissors and she pulled some out, full sized!

Steve thinks every woman has a pair of underwear in either their purse or their car. He swears that Slackers wife has them somewhere even though slacker doesn't believe it.

What is the craziest thing in your purse right now?

I, like Slacker, refuse to go into a woman's purse. They could be booby trapped! One time I reached in without permission and I got poked by something, I vowed never again!

Intern Tyler

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05/21/2014 7:01PM
Weird Thing in Your Purse
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