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Wedding Woes

One way for a wedding to be ruined: the dock your wedding party is taking pictures on collapses sending everyone into the water! 
Newlyweds Eric and Maegan Walber were posing on a dock with their wedding party when the dock collapsed. Everyone plunged into the water at the Bay Pointe Inn in Shelbyville, Michigan. Eric says, "We were out there for probably 30 seconds, standing on the dock, and it started to lean and tilt. We went right under. I saw the thing starting to tilt, and I'm like, 'Oh, yup, this is going to happen.' The wedding party laughed it off. Everyone was laughing. It was one of those things that it just happens and you roll with it."

Doesn't sound like Slacker and Steve don't have any wedding horror stories, and neither do I.
I can't say I've experienced anything first hand.  Weddings around my area are always a great time (weddings anywhere else just don't compare...just kidding).  Aside from any ruined weddings I've seen in movies, I can't admit that I've had the pleasure to see see a wedding go wrong.

Keep it classy,

Well, at least enjoy this!

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06/27/2012 5:38PM
Wedding Woes
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