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Was it a bad call?

So this is the debate today... Who Caught the Ball?
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09/25/2012 9:27AM
Was it a bad call?
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09/25/2012 11:19AM
You guys are bullies
I have been listening to your morning show for about 5 years now. In the past few months I have noticed that you guys really have nothing constructive to say. When a listener calls in you just snicker and talk over them like spoiled teenagers. This morning, after hearing Jamie's offensive question, I decided that I will no longer listen to your show. Jamie asked a female caller if she liked boys or girls. The caller was commenting on the Monday Night Football game and was obviously taken aback by the question and sounded very uncomfortable. I was so offended by her question that I wanted to call in right then, but I did not want to get more angry. The only way I would ever consider listening to your show again, would be if one or all of you were replaced. At the very least I hope you can try and grow from these comments. Some of your humor is good, but you belittle too many of your listeners and that is childish and wrong. One last thing, there is a saying; sarcasm is only funny if the other person laughs. No one is laughing... Sincerely, Craig Penn
09/25/2012 4:13PM
I'm done with this show
I agree with the user above. I've seriously cut back the amount of time I listen to your show because of Jamie's idiotic stereotypes. It's offensive and she hasn't earned the respect of an audience to attempt shock-jock status. Several weeks ago when she insinuated that all people who have tattoos are degenerates and drunks was nearly enough for me to stop listening completely. I have a successful career, abstain from alcohol and drugs (including caffeine) and I happen to have several tattoos, all of which were thought out and scheduled months in advance. But that aside, Jamie's offensive response to the caller today requesting that she disclose her sexual orientation on the air was so ridiculous that I'm officially done listening. Whether or not the DJs on the show care about someone's sexual preference, that fact had absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand. If an individual's sexual orientation was of no consequence then the question should have never been asked. And then to add insult to injury, Jamie stated she "sounds beefy". Just gross. I'm so disgusted and I will ensure that beyond my own time spent I'll also ensure that we stop spending advertising dollars on the Alice morning show as well.
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