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Vacation Injury

Vacation is supposed to be about tanning, fun and relaxation…but a new study shows that 20% of vacationers will get injured on their trip!
Slacker’s buddy Brent went to Mexico and got lit up in Cozumel, and like Slacker he rented a scooter. Well, in any place in Mexico, they put up speed bumps everywhere! They have signs that show 3 little speed bumps, but he was so drunk and couldn’t read the sign being that it was in a different language, so he hit it and flew off the scooter. He got road rashes, broke his collar bone and spent the rest of the vacation in a Mexican hospital.
My brother, when he was in high school, went on a trip with the band to Hawaii. While he was there they all decided to go out to the ocean and just hang out. While he was in the water, he got banged in the head by surfer! The blade cut his head open and he had to get stitches! What a way to ruin a beautiful trip to Hawaii!
Do you have a vacation injury?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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06/05/2012 6:19PM
Vacation Injury
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