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Update: Older Boyfriend At Family BBQ

Remember Melanie? We talked to Melanie last week about her boyfriend that is 26 years older than her and how her parents had invited them over for a BBQ, but had no idea of their age difference! We got an update from her in an e-mail…
“Yi guys. Sorry I can’t come back on the radio with you, but here is what happened when my boyfriend came over to meet my parents at the BBQ yesterday. I couldn’t bring myself to tell them his age before we went over there. It was kind of weird because my dad was really cool about everything. They got along great and they’re even going to play golf next weekend. When we were leaving my dad told me that as long as I was happy he was happy for me. My mom on the other hand was strange about it. Every time my boyfriend was telling a story, she would cut him off or try to butt in and change the topic. It was almost like she was jealous of him or something. She never told me if she liked him or not, but I got the feeling she wasn’t happy about it. Oh well. I guess she’ll just have to get used to it because I know he is the man for me. Thanks again for doing my OPP guys…it really made me realize that this is what I want.
Melanie <3 “
What do you think about this?
I’m happy for Melanie! Age is nothing but a number and she’s right…Her mom is going to have to get over it, especially if the father is ok with it because that seems so very rare.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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05/28/2012 6:15PM
Update: Older Boyfriend At Family BBQ
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05/29/2012 4:28PM
Update: Older Boyfriend At Family BBQ
Um yeah age is only a number but within REASON. 26 year old difference? That's just nasty even from a guys perspective. He could literally be her dad at that age. I'd say she should dump him and go for a guy her own respectable age range. A 10 to 13 year difference is a good age range and about the maximum but a 22 year old with a 48 year old, just not cool. A good age range would be say a 35 year old with a 22 year old thats only 13 year difference, that's an ok age range and the absolute max age difference. I think beyond 13 year old age difference like this 22 year old she's just a gold digger with a 48 year old. A 22 year old is still in college or about to just graduate at least from undergrad.
05/29/2012 4:57PM
Been there-living it
Yi Slacker & Steve ( & melanie) Melanie, sorry to hear that your mom didnt respond warmly to your older boyfriend, you did blind side them by not telling them before your arrived. im sure you didnt want judgement before they met him. I get that. My husband is 18 years older, weve been married for 6 years and have 2 children. My dad is the "love everyone" type of guy. He & my husband get along great-play golf together too. He is happy that my husband makes me happy, is a great provider, etc. My mom is the one that has given me the hardest time about my husbands age. It has caused HUGE problems between us (she has only seen our 2nd child (1 1/2 years old) less than a dozen times) My advice is for you to confront her NOW, before things go any farther. Explain your BF's amazing qualities, etc. Let her explain her feelings (because they are valid-she is your mom-her opinion means the world to you) Remember to sympathize with her, that this may not be the man she pictured you with, but he truly makes you happy, and in the end isnt that what is important? Encourage more time for all of you to spend together. The better they get to know him & see all the reasons you feel he is the one for you...the better. Best of luck to you.
05/29/2012 8:00PM
How sweet
Well, give your mother a chance. You weren't very considerate by not telling her his age. She wants you to have the best, a long a happy future. If you are so sure that this old man is right for you, then let her see how it will work out. I am sureshe will share her concerns with you. If you are mature, you will listen and consider how things will proceed from here on out. Then you can make an informed decision.
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