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Update: One Last Hook-Up

On Friday, Elaina joined us live on the air to discuss her problem. Elaina is getting married and was in town this past weekend for her bachelorette party. Since she is going to be a married woman, she had decided to give herself one last really great fling because that's what a bachelorette weekend is for. Right? On Friday, she also mentioned she had kept it a secret for a while from her friends, but since telling them, they have decided it was not a good idea. So, did she still go through with it?
…She did! Lodo was amazing! She had the best time and got exactly what she needed. She met a guy on Friday night that was so out of this world she just had to have him. He was a great dancer, so funny and very interesting. They not only went out Friday night, but Saturday night as well and they stayed up til like 5am talking! She has zero guilt, but there is one problem… Now that she’s home, he hasn’t stopped texting and calling. She even told him she was going to be getting married, but that’s not stopping him. Slacker says she blew it when she took it out of that realm of scratching an itch, but to Elaina that was all a part of the experience. Either way, it happened and now she needs to know how to get rid of this guy? Do you have any advice for her?
What do you think about all of this?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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02/29/2012 4:25PM
Update: One Last Hook-Up
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02/29/2012 5:01PM
one last hookup
elaina, I hope your fiance finds out and dumps you. Y ou may call it a last fling but that last fling may very well come w/diseases. You are also marrying him because you love him , how dare you say that when you sleep with someone else to "make you happy" I would think that your fiance would make you happy. He deserves better that trash like you
02/29/2012 6:37PM
One last fling
I am so outraged that you endorse behavior like this, I may never listen to your show again.
03/01/2012 2:22AM
One last hook-up
Can everyone just stop trying to help out this tramp? She doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy for this.
03/01/2012 6:28PM
One last fling
You are getting what you deserve!! To bad your fiancee does know what he is getting. Should not be getting married if you need "one" last hook up. What you did is "CHEAT"!!!!!
03/01/2012 7:27PM
I was hoping she was going to come out of this having an std.
03/01/2012 7:53PM
What Happened?
Is Eleanas story over because we didnt hear the end of it?!
03/01/2012 10:51PM
Stop giving that wh0re air time
Stop giving the attention wh0re attention... Being a cheating wh0re is not newsworthy... The moment you knew what the OPP was, you should have told her "I'm sorry, we don't condone being a cheating piece of sh!t." At the very least, when given the first update you should have told her to f_ck off since she is obviously a narcissistic sociopath who doesn't want advice. It is blatantly offensive to hear that trashy wh0re on the air trying to defend herself. I normally enjoy this show, but giving her show after show is a real turn-off. Nothing positive could have possibly come from any of this. Your facebook pages are filled with comments from hundreds of people about what they think of her. There is no defending what she did, and shame on Steve for even trying to be funny about it (or maybe he was serious, in which case...). There are things that just aren't funny or defensible, ever. There is not always a need to be a devil's advocate. If she was in an open relationship, that would be one thing... but she obviously is NOT and her decision could very well KILL her fiance, literally. If she brings home HIV/AIDS to him and he is not informed, her decision will have killed him. Congratulations on defending lying, cheating, and potentially causing physical harm (including death) to her fiance. How about the financial costs of this? The cost of the wedding, the cost of divorce, the cost of disease treatment, the cost of marriage counseling, the cost of her potentially getting pregnant and passing it off as his kid for X amount of time before he finds out she scammed him? I thought you were into finances, Steve. If nothing else, she is potentially impacting him financially in incredibly negative ways. If anyone at your studio has any of her personal information, I would hope they would be a decent human being and find her fiance so he can have the choice to make an educated decision about whether or not to marry her. Once a cheating, wh0rish piece of sh!t, always a cheating, wh0rish piece of sh!t.
03/01/2012 10:52PM
Awesome, it took all the paragraphs out
My apologies for the above wall of text. It had paragraphs, which were removed in posting. -_-
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