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Update: Donate A Kidney

We’ve been getting a ton of emails asking about Danny and how giving his kidney to his brother went…
In case you don’t remember Danny, we had him on the air in a Great Mate Debate. His estranged family wanted him to donate a kidney to his brother who had stolen and lied to him his entire life. Victoria, his mother hoped that he would save his brother, but at the time Danny didn’t feel like he owed his brother anything. He said that his brother had stolen money from not only him, but from his mother too. He went along and said that his brother was a loser - a man in his mid 30’s that still lives with his mom. His death warrant was signed a long time ago… Also, Danny made a valid point when he said that he has children who might be put in jeopardy if he were to die during the process…But…After all the phone calls with advice that day and with more time passing over the holidays, Danny had a change of heart and called us up, and told us that he decided to give his brother a kidney. He took it as an opportunity to heal wounds with his family. His brother promised him things were going to change but just recently, his brother came back to his mother’s place trashed. He saw everything come to light and realized his brother was never going to change. He is going to continue to drink through this kidney and if he gives his brother his own kidney, he will drink through that one…He is the same son of a B he always has been so Danny will not be giving him his kidney.

Steve can’t judge since he’s never been in this situation, but he doesn’t blame Danny from where he is coming from. Slacker doesn’t know what the right answer, but he feels like in moral quotations the right thing to do is to give your kidney to your enemy…

I know it’s hard to see someone go, but his brother is taking advantage of way too much and Danny is doing the right thing by not giving up his kidney. He’s going to continue to abuse his just like he’s done with the one he already has and that’s not fair or respectful.
What do you think about all this? Do you think Danny did the right thing?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/19/2012 3:43PM
Update: Donate A Kidney
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03/19/2012 3:49PM
Danny's kidney
I have never written in to a show before, but I can not help but speak up at this moment.. Although my heart breaks for everyone, the one point that everyone is missing is that the brother needs to get clean and sober before anyone gives him a kidney. The issue of acohol addition must be addressed, or the brother will NEVER WIN no matter where the kidney comes from. The brother is signing his own death warrant.
03/19/2012 3:52PM
He's not going to die!!
You can stay on dialysis for several years without getting a new kidney - my father in law has been on it for 5 years! Back when he needed a kidney, my husband thought about it but decided he couldn't do it because we have 2 kids. Thank God he didn't do it!! 5 years later my husband was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma and they removed one of his kidneys!! Had he donated, it might have been the sick one that failed in his dad, or he would have given up the healthy one and now be without any functioning kidneys!!
03/19/2012 4:03PM
Very glad to hear Danny's not giving up his kidney!!!!
I was heartbroken to hear in January that Danny was going to give a kidney to someone who has ruined their own kidneys through extremely poor choices. Even if he and his brother were close this would have been a terrible choice - throwing his kidney away. His brother does not deserve a kidney from anyone. His brother has made his choice and no healthy person should risk their own life, or future, to give a kidney to someone who doesn't care enough to take care of themselves in the first place. I am very glad to hear that Danny will NOT be giving his brother a kidney. This is definitely the right choice!
03/19/2012 4:13PM
I agree with Danny!!
I totally agree with Danny in his decision not to give his brother his kidney. Kidney aside - it sounds like Danny has taken all he can from his brother . . . and maybe some other family as well. Blood smud - if people in your family take advantange of you, steal from you, repeatedly stab you in the back, they should no longer be considered 'family' . . . they obviously don't know the meaning. I wouldn't give the ripped, wet, filthy shirt off my back to my sister, let alone a part of my body!! Good choice Danny!
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