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Update: Cheating Alibi

Last week we talked to Krista. Krista called us with her OPP. She had a problem with her best friend, Alyssa. She has been cheating on her husband and is asking Krista, who is also married, to cover for her. She doesn’t want to cover for her anymore. Alyssa will tell her husband that she’s going to a movie with Krista when she’s really going out with her guy on the side. Krista has to make up answers to questions like, how was your mani/pedi? Krista feels bad for Alyssa’s husband. She’s uncomfortable lying to him. If she stops being Alyssa’s alibi, she’s afraid that they’ll part ways as friends.
..And she may just be right because Alyssa called us up today! Alyssa is Krista’s friend! She was furious at us! Apparently Krista decided to tell Alyssa’s husband that she was having an affair and now Alyssa has gone off the deep-end! She is convinced we convinced Krista to tell and now she is on a mission to ruin our lives because we ruined hers. We tried to tell her we didn’t convince her, only gave her advice, but Alyssa wouldn’t listen. She’s very determined and ready to call our boss.
What do you think about this?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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06/05/2012 3:50PM
Update: Cheating Alibi
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06/05/2012 4:16PM
Heard both calls
Alyssa is the one that choose the affair not slacker and Steve and the friend was already feeling this way before they got involved. Alyssa is just made to be busted...
06/05/2012 4:32PM
please put this call on the net! I heard last weeks' call with Krista. I'd LOVE to hear what the lying cheating Btch has to say for herself! What a selfish a-hole!!!
06/05/2012 4:32PM
Alyssa What goes around comes around
I think you guys are Awesome!! I heard the call when it came in and she is crazy...Alyssa ruined her own marriage the 1st time she cheated and now she is mad cause it's all out. It's time to grow up and accept what you did to your marriage and not blame your friend or innocent people. I love you guys and your radio station and always will!! Alyssa you ruined your own marriage you have nobody to blame by yourself!!!!
06/05/2012 4:33PM
He's SO much better off
Without her!!!
06/05/2012 5:03PM
Lmao, karma is a b@$*h! She brought this upon herself! If she is blaming u guys then she is trying to justify her actions And is looking for someone other then herself to blame
06/05/2012 5:27PM
Where can I listen to this call? I am very much interested to hear this
06/05/2012 5:28PM
Where can I listen to this call?????
06/05/2012 5:46PM
Please post both calls!
I can't find them on here anywhere.
06/05/2012 8:31PM
please post
I had my kids in the car and couldn't listen... please post this on your site!!!
06/06/2012 8:27AM
First I’d like to say if the girl would keep her legs together she would not be in this situation in the first place. Second I laughed SO hard when she called in yesterday! Talk about an immature scream fest. Third as far as making it her personal mission to take you guys down she is off to a crappy start because I’m sure your ratings yesterday went up and I personally know you gained some new viewers. Please post the call on your site so I can give the people in the office a good laugh. What a nut case lol.On a personal note I work at Children’s Hospital Colorado and we love you guys very much there for all you do for us and our community. You have all the support you need and no self destructive psycho can change that! Thanks for the entertaining rides home and keep up the great work. JillP.S. Steve I’m single :)
06/06/2012 6:35PM
bat s#$& crazy
this alyssa chick is crazy. she's just mad that she got caught. no matter how it would have come out it's clear that she would be trying to put the blame on someone other than herself. the fact that she is calling in pretending to be someone else and getting on the air and flipping out just proves that she is a crazy woman, who is super manipulative. Her husband and her friend are better off without her. Her true colors have been revealed. You guys rock and I love your show! I think it's funny she thinks that this will actually affect your ratings. People are so entertained by this...if anything ratings are going up:)
06/13/2012 5:13PM
Recourse for stalker Alyssa
There has to be some kind of legal recourse that you guys can do. This is harassment and stalking. I love your show and to have someone that psycho come and ruin your day is terrible! I am sure you could get the authorities involved.
06/13/2012 5:31PM
I agree...
I was listening today when Alyssa got through again--I am sure you could get her full name and address from Krista and have her served with a cease and desist order. You guys need to go on the offensive before something bad happens and you're on the receiving end--like this chick shows up at one of your off-site broadcasts or parties and goes postal. You have no idea what she looks like, so she could easily slip in. You should consult an attorney and have harassment charges filed--you need to protect yourselves.
06/13/2012 6:13PM
The worst thing you can do is to let her know how much this is upsetting you. It just adds fuel to the fire. If she calls again I'd hang up immediately and go on with the show. That way she doesn't get any satisfaction. I too think you shouldprotect yourself with a Cease and Desist order. This woman is a stalker and they can be dangerous. Remember "Play Misty for Me? That's meant halfway as a joke but you should take care and always be aware of your surroundings.
06/13/2012 6:20PM
tough issue
Slacker and Steve handled a hard subject professionally.
06/14/2012 1:34AM
Sad but true...
Sandusky probably wasn't too thrilled that his behavior was made public either. She must have quite the inflated ego to think she could continuously abuse a friendship by forcing lies and then abuse her husband by betraying a sacred trust. If she were a guy she'd be called a pig. Clearly she's an abusive person that needs professional help. You did not solicit the story...but the story is not how you destroyed her life. It's how SHE destroyed her life. There is a valuable series of lessons here for anyone wise enough to pay attention.
06/15/2012 3:37PM
Charge her...
Find out her full name and file criminal harassment charges against her. Perhaps also throw in a restraining order since it is disrupting your work enviornment.
06/15/2012 7:15PM
Crazy like a crazy
You guys rock by the way and I've most certainly been listening more lately with this crazy coming on.....bless her friend for stepping up its hard for krista and her husband. This crazy girl will trip on her own two feet......
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