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UPDATE: Stop Sister's Wedding

Jen, the girl that broke up her sister's wedding because she is in love with the groom came on the air to share an update with us. Trevor, the groom didn't show up to the wedding and he had disappeared. She got this email from him and she wanted to share it with us:

I wanted you to know that I’m okay. I’ve been staying with a buddy for a few days trying figure this all out. First, I want to say that I really understand how big of a leap it was for you to talk to me and I appreciate your honesty. I couldn’t lie to myself, or to Amanda, and go through with the wedding because I have thought about that kiss too. What you said to me made me realize that I couldn’t marry Amanda because it wouldn’t be fair to her. She is an amazing woman and I couldn’t marry her knowing that I was thinking about another woman, especially her sister. I know it will take some time but it will be better this way in the long run. I just didn’t know how to tell her that on our wedding day and that’s why I ran. I know it was cowardly, but it was the only thing that seemed logical that day.

Jen I also want you to know I ran because I couldn’t be “that guy.” I couldn’t be the kind of man that leaves his bride at the altar to get with her sister. I need to take some time to figure all this out. I’m sorry.


What do you think the email means?

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07/30/2013 4:10PM
UPDATE: Stop Sister's Wedding
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07/30/2013 4:26PM
Sister's wedding
Ether way Jen can never be with Trevor without destroying any hope of a relationship with her sister. And if Jen and Trevor do get together, she will always be wondering if he will run out on her. He has set the precedent.
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