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UPDATE: Mariah


We first talked to Mariah it was right before the July 4th weekend as an OPP. Her dilemma was this: she was 28, single, had a steady job, and desperately wanted a baby before she was 30. She said that she was desperate enough that she was willing to go to bars and find guys who didn’t seem crazy, sleep with them, and hopefully get pregnant. She said she had one goal in mind and that was having a kid, and she was perfectly fine with raising the kid alone. After the long weekend Mariah was on the air and Slacker asked her how many times she had relations within those few days, her answer being 6 times with 6 different guys!

Today Mariah called in and gave us the update. Recently she has hooked up with a co-worker who is married hoping she will get a pregnancy out of this fling.

Slacker pointed out that she may already be knocked up and not even know, and now she is just sleeping around all while being pregnant.

Steve said that there are tons of single guys out there and doesn’t understand why she had to go for the married guy. Her response to this comment was, “because he was hitting on me.”

Between when Slacker and Steve last spoke with her, and now, she has slept with around 25 different people. One thing is for sure, Mariah is determined.

With Love,
Intern Elana

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08/06/2013 4:23PM
UPDATE: Mariah
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