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A retired Marine wrote a book about his encounter with a UFO over Pensacola, Florida that happened 40 years ago. In 1975 he was piloting a combat trainer and utility aircraft with a crew of five. They saw a round solid object in the sky that wasn’t on the radar, so they flew up underneath it to get a closer look. After a few minutes it took off into the horizon. After landing he filed a report but never heard anything back.

Slacker and Steve both have major respect for people in the military. Steve thinks he did see something that he couldn’t explain because it is called a UFO for a reason, which means an unidentified flying object. Slacker says the alien’s technology is so advanced for us that is why we have no proof. Steve wants to know why the lights on the UFO are always red?

I have a hard time believing in UFOs. I never have and I think it is the silliest thing ever. I want proof, and not some far away picture. Plus I would think by now after all these sightings over hundreds of years they would really make their presence known. I don’t know maybe this guy really did see one but why did it take so long for him to talk about it and I still want some real proof.
Have you ever had a UFO encounter?

With Love- Intern Sarah

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05/02/2012 5:29PM
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05/05/2012 12:12AM
Where's Troy?!?!?!?!
What happened to Troy?!?!?!?!
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