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36% of U.S. adults believe in UFO’s, which translates to about 80 million people! In addition, 10% say they have actually seen an Unidentified Flying Object. That's the word from a National Geographic survey, which also found that 77% believe that Earth has already been visited by aliens. But not everyone is a UFO believer. While 17% said they absolutely did not believe in UFOs, nearly half admitted they were unsure. Still, 80% think the federal government has concealed information about UFOs from the public. Want more? Here it is:
55% believe that federal agents -- think "Men in Black" -- will threaten people who report UFO sightings. More than any other Hollywood movie, "The X-Files" best represents what would happen if aliens invaded Earth. If aliens do visit Earth, how will we react? Nearly a quarter said they would befriend the extraterrestrials, 13% said they would lock themselves indoors and one in 20 said they would try to inflict bodily harm on the invaders.

Steve sees UFO's all the time. It doesn't prove that there are aliens and stuff...He absolutely hates this topic!

Slacker thinks that there are more people out there that think it's real than not real...He'd be impressed with an abduction. He lost time one night and the last thing he remebers was hanging out with these dudes and they said he just disappeared. He woke up the next morning in another town. It wasn't black out drunk. They were genuinely freaked out because he hangs out with these guys all the time. He regained conciousness while he was walking!!! In Golden, CO. Everytime he goes through security at the airport and they point to these little marks that you can't see or explain...He doesn't know if they'll ever get to the bottom of it! 

Steve thinks it was Slacker's Gin Fizzes or whatever he drinks when he's out and about. Especially during that week or so he was enrolled at CU before he was asked to leave.
Have you ever sighted one? Been abducted? Witnessed part of a government cover-up? 
I've been asked not to comment on my opinion about my friends...They promised to return if I speak of their existence. WTF?

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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09/17/2012 5:19PM
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