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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

3:10pm: First time blogging...let's see how this all works out, shall we?!
Today's show: Baby Momma Drama.
This ought to be good!

3:52pm: It would appear no one has drama quite like the baby momma...

There were more than a few callers who we weren't able to talk to due to time, but we love that you guys call because WOW, hello drama! During the topic the question of whether babies of other races are born with or without pigment arose. I wasn't able to find a direct answer, but did find this article which is kind of interesting.

4:01pm: I can't believe Hugs For The Hospital is already here AGAIN!

S&S are looking for a cool boss guy/gal (or one who wants to score points with his employees) who's downtown and will bring down his/her whole office from 11am-1pm to get hugged. They need to hug 1,000 folks to break the world record AND raise money for the kiddles at Children's Hospital.

If you're that cool boss type (or the, ahem, other kind) send the guys an email:

4:11pm: It's time for the OPP, what-what! This is awesome. Steve is reading an OPP and it's TOTALLY about Slax. They've put the show on hold. Everyone dance to "The Girl From Ipanema" and dip your dance partner!

Steve's springing an OPP from Glau on Slacker. ON THE AIR. I love my job.

4:42pm: The phones won't stop ringing! Poor Slacker...It's beat up on Slacker hour. Glau is ready to move out of that house but the market sucks so they're stuck there. Some awesome stories of other folks in the same boat. The woman who found photos of her husband having relations with his ex in every room in the house was beyond priceless! There was one woman we didn't have time to get to. She was deliciously evil: She said she'd love it if her ex-husband and his wife lived in their house; it would bring her no greater joy. Can't you just hear the "muwahahaha" laugh?

6:08pm: Today's 5 O'Clock Phone Call: I'm Weird Therefore I BLANK was incredible! There are some very nice weirdos out there...

Best Part Of The Topic: Watching the guys act out a callers weirdness. She had them make a peace sign; then point the sign to the floor; take middle finger and set pad on top of pointer finger; then use the middle finger's pad to write words in cursive. There's nothing quite like watching two men through a window as they contort their hands to play along!

The best part of this topic overall is that it somehow turned into a war over cemeteries. One woman called and said she's weird because she finds the oldest grave in the cemetery of whatever town she visits and photographs herself with the grave. Slacker suggested she try finding the cemetery in Thornton (because there isn't one).

After an exhaustive google search, the battle rages on. The only cemetery we could find with a Thornton address appears to be surrounded by Northglenn. Is the cemetery in Thornton or do they just use the Thornton post office? We ended up taking an extra round of calls so folks could duke it out over where Thortonites bury their dead.

6:42pm: The blog has now lost it's own V-card.

Ciao for now; we'll catch you tomorrow!

--Producer Leah

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08/12/2008 3:09PM
Tuesday, 12 August 2008
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08/12/2008 3:51PM
My baby's momma is SLACKER!
08/12/2008 5:49PM
about the cemetery in is Olinger off 104th and I-25 i looked it up and the address is in thornton. if you dont believe me look in up!!!!
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