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Top Ten Inventions For Women

Women in the UK were surveyed on what they thought are the top inventions for women made in the last century…What do you think it is?
Here is the top ten list of what they actually are:
1 The contraceptive pill                          65 per cent
2 The push-up bra                                 34 per cent    
3 The washing machine                          34 per cent
4 Tampons                                                        31 per cent          
5 Pregnancy tests                                             25 per cent
6 Disposable diapers                                        17 per cent              
7 Mascara                                                         8 per cent    
8 Jeans                                                             7 per cent
9 Fresh prepared meals                         6 per cent
10 Contact lenses                                  4 per cent

Do you agree with the list?
Steve knew contraceptive pills would be in the top ten, but didn’t think it would be number one! Slacker didn’t even think of it as an invention. He was shocked and before he saw it, kept rattling off flat screen TVs! He couldn’t even believe Mascara was the something that came out of a woman’s mouth…
To be honest, I don’t think I would have pegged contraceptive pills as number one but it makes total sense to me. Seriously though, the washing machine as third, no…I would not have placed that there, but I can agree with the rest of the list. Maybe I’d add eye liner or boots.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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04/05/2012 6:17PM
Top Ten Inventions For Women
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