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Took The Fall

A man in New York was driving drunk with his wife and three kids in the car when he rear ended another driver. When he pulled over to talk with the other driver, he asked his wife to switch places with him because he already had a DUI on his record, so she did. Problem is, she was drunk as well and the witness noticed they switched seats and notified the police when they arrived on the scene. They both were then charged with a DUI.
Back in the day, Slacker went out with his current girlfriend and when they came back to the car, she didn’t want to drive, so she asked him too. As he started driving away, a car came barreling over this hill and completely t-boned them. At the time, Slacker’s life was driving because he was a currier, so when they pulled over he hopped out of the front seat and asked her to slide over and take the hit for him. He did pay for the ticket but she did get the points knocked off her driver’s license. That’s love…
Steve, if you remember, broke a vase and blamed Scamp, his Aunt’s poor, innocent dog. Scamp was of course put down and Steve doesn’t even show any remorse for Scamp taking the fall for him.
I will only take the fall for someone if I could care less about what the outcome would be for me. If it’s going to jeopardize my life in any way, like getting a DUI on my record, then you’re on your own. I love you, but you shouldn’t ask of me to take the fall for you. Call me selfish or say I’m acting like a twelve year old tattle tale, but at least I tell the truth.
What did you take the fall for?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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12/08/2011 5:22PM
Took The Fall
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