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Today Is A Sad Day


We have no words.... Obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with EVERYONE affected by this.......

Today is a sad day... We are here if you need someone to talk to or want to post any comments in regards to the tragic event that occurred last night in Aurora at the Century 16 theater. As a media outlet that serves the public, it's the least we can do...

Please feel free to post your comments as we all begin to heal from this tragedy. Use this outlet, please.

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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07/20/2012 3:16PM
Today Is A Sad Day
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07/20/2012 5:34PM
I cannot stop thinking about this... The fact that this can happen to a place that we just DROP our kids off at for fun. There where babies, children and innocent people watching a movie. Some of thes individuals are still in a cold theater, and I can't stop thinking abot that.
07/20/2012 8:04PM
My Heart Goes Out...
My heart goes out to all the victims and their families as well as all the police and other people that did attend Century theater last night. It is an awful event to occur and I cannot even imagine the feeling. My boyfriend and I had friends last night in that same theater that the shooting occured and thankfully they were able to get out alright. I do not understand this man and what person would go into an innocent theater filled with people of all ages and shoot them. The fact that this man is being rude to police officers now deserves a harsher punishment than living in a cell the rest of his life. I am glad to know that the death penalty is being looked at for this case. What makes me so angry about this person is his excuse for being bullied at college...reality check pyscho you are 24 years old and you are being "bullied" at col lege? I attend college at a small university and regardless of the size I can guarantee that no one truly cares about you and you should not worry what other people think because are they really going to effect you? And I believe that no person in that theater last night ever bullied this guy. There is no other word to describe a person like this than a pyscho and I hope you feel the worse pain in this situation because you are the one that deserves to be deceased. I hope that for all the families that feel pain right now I hope that they know that their are people whether they know them or not that they are here for them and we are all praying for you and your loved ones and hope that you can recover from this tragedy. Again I admire the police for their outstanding heroic events they have done to make this better I just pray that this gets resolved in the matter it should. RIP to the innocent victims in theater 9. --Natalie
07/20/2012 8:39PM
Words cannot express...
It is so hard to sit here tonight and still try and wrap my head around the senseless act of violence that Aurora experienced this morning. My brother attended a midnight screening last night at a different theater and I thank God he is ok. I am praying for the families who lost loved ones, the innocent children who witnessed a horrific act of violence, and the survivors who now must deal with the greif of what they saw. What a horrible monster he is, I will not mention his name, he desereves no more of our attention, no more thoughts about him, he is nothing but a monster and deserves nothing from us. We as a community need to be there for the parents still missing children, children who are unsure where there parents are, young children who don't understand what happened, and survivors who cannot believe what they experienced. We need to put all differences aside and show everyone how we can come together to support our neighbors, friends, family and strangers. We are the city of Aurora and we will be strong communitiy for all of those who need our support. To all the Police, Firemen, EMT's and other emergency responders we are so greatful to how quickly you responded and how you were all helping the victims. I found it heartwarming that officers were taking victims to hospitals in the cars so that those people stood a chance in their survival. You are all true heros. To all the heros in the theater you are all such strong individuals. I admire those who helped others, to risk your life to save or assist others. Without heros like you there could have been more victims. To see people help each other even if by grabbing them to take cover, strangers protecting strangers gives me hope that are beautiful people out there, people who care and it will be those people who will be remember. Again, as I try words cannot express what I am feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with all those families and individuals involved in this mornings events. God Bless you all.~Jesika
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