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Thought It Was Gone Forever


Two years ago, a cat named Jacque disappeared from his houseboat in Mississippi. The 3-year-old kitty was recently found more than 1,000 miles away, in Colorado! A local veterinary clinic located Jacque's microchip and was able to get in touch with the owner, who was shocked to get the call. Jacque has now been reunited with his owner and is back at home.
What is your "I Thought It Was Gone Forever" story?

(Photo Courtesy of WLOX)

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12/03/2013 7:33PM
Thought It Was Gone Forever
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12/04/2013 7:55PM
cat with gps
A couple moved from wisconsin to arizona with their dog and Siamese cat. Two years later they had to move into an apartment where they were not allowed to have pets. They took the dog and cat to the vet to have them put down. They were scheduled to be destroyed the following day. Someone left a window open and the cat escaped and was never seen again. Three years later he showed up at his old neighbors house up here in wisconsin. He found the cat and thought that he really looks like me neighbors cat and even responded to the old neighbors cat's name. He called his old neighbor in arizona to see if it was his cat. He told what happened to the cat and described scars and distinguishing marks on the cat and everything matched the description of the cat. It took him three years but he walked all the way from arizona back to wisconsin to his old house. How did he know the way back to his old house all the way cross country.
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