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Things You Wish You Would Have Done Before Kids


Lil D and his wife are expecting their first child and there are tons of things he wishes they would have done before his wife got pregnant…but there’s still time!

A new survey by, polled 1,346 UK parents with two or more children as part of research into the role that money plays within families.

Respondents were initially asked, ‘How do you feel about your choice to have children?’ and according to the results, 68 per cent of the parents taking part stated that they love their choice and ‘wouldn’t have changed their decision for the world.’ In contrast, 11 per cent of the parents taking part stated that they ‘regretted’ their choice to have children; whilst the remaining 21 per cent simply claimed to feel ‘indifferent’ about their choice.

Those who claimed to regret their choice were asked to state why. According to the results, the main reasons for regretting having children were as follows:

1. Negative impact on finances - 76%
2. Negative impact on working life - 58%
3. Negative impact on relationship with partner - 37%
4. Negative impact on sex life - 24%
5. Negative impact on social life - 18%

George Charles of VoucherCodesPro said: “The majority of parents would agree that children are expensive, but most would accept the burdens in order to experience the benefits. However it seems that this is isn’t always the case, as some would be willing to turn back the clock if they could.”

Slacker had kids later in life. Slacker took his wife on a vacation while she was 7-8 months pregnant with their second child. He knew the next time they went anywhere there would be someone else in the room. Before that, he lived a really cool life.

Steve's suggests that Slacker has no regrets, then?

Slacker has regrets, for sure, but he didn't miss out on anything before children.

A vacation isn't really the best thing for Lil D and his wife. She's still feeling pretty sick. She's coming out of it, but then there's the hormonal stage...Wait! The guys are going to shut up now...She knows where they live!

What do you wish you would have done before you had kids?

I wish I would've met my wife sooner. We had aour daughter in our late 30's. Now we have to work harder in our later years to keep up with the kiddo... Other than that? I'm in a good space.

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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11/26/2012 5:26PM
Things You Wish You Would Have Done Before Kids
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