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Things Women Do Better Than Men

Despite what guys would like to believe, science has actually proven that there are a lot of things that women do a whole heck of a lot better than men!

According to a number of studies, here are some pretty cool things that women excel at:

Women interview better than men for jobs.

They are more likely to graduate college.

Women have stronger immune systems.

They are better investors.
  • Source courtesy of Cosmo Magazine
In regards to the topic at hand, Slacker reminds Steve of the fact that he’s married and his wife has to live with him. Steve is not so secure because of his relationship status. Slacker advises Steve to choose his words wisely. Slacker agrees that women have stronger immune systems. He believes it because Cosmo published it!

Steve feels that women’s bodies are better prepared to protect the children. Women are a lot worse than men when it comes to negotiating contracts. Strictly opinions he’s ingested from other sources, of course! Steve reassures Slacker that everyone can tell their voices apart and tries to confuse the audience by switching their positions.

What do you do better than your guy? What does your girl do better than you?

My wife has phenomenal organizational skills. If it wasn’t for her, I’d be in living in a cardboard box! For sure! She also is a very good public speaker. The word engaging always comes up in conversation when people describe her presentation skills. She has a double Master’s degree. She made college a full-on career for something like 9 years! I would also have to add that she is an excellent travel companion. This is opposed to some of the dudes I have travelled alongside. Thanks, Babe! In other words, I agree to a point.

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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06/04/2012 6:30PM
Things Women Do Better Than Men
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