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The Secret: Practice Dieting First

Cheeseburger In Diet

A new study shows that the best way to diet correctly is to practice for a while before you officially begin the diet. Also BJ and Jamie poke fun around the Alice studio.

This break is a must listen to and you can do that right HERE

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11/01/2012 9:55AM
The Secret: Practice Dieting First
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11/05/2012 8:13AM
keep it simple
Hi guys! :) So dieting!! Just keep it simple ... NO PROCESSED FOODS 'cause blaaaaah! Eat whole fruits, fresh veggies, lean meats and wild caught ONLY fish. Also nuts (fresh Walnuts don't have that bitter taste and no limit on these). This should be the majority of your diet. And of THAT, the majority of your diet should be GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES. You then will do everything (diet wise) in your power to prevent cancer despite carrying the gene even! BELIEVE ME. And the way to jazz things up is with FRESH HERBS!! Which are incredibly high in antioxidants. This is not a theory! These things are FACT. And with which veggies? Just remember, ANY veggies in moderation except for GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES. Eat as much of those as you possibly can. .... Then, lets talk about exercise (later) ... and foods you want to eat more of to help eliminate inflammation (which is the #1 cause of why we don't want to exercise)! This info is a good base to start from ... Trust me! Research it and you'll see. I'm not with any company or represent any brand. I'm just a Plain-Jane working one of my dream jobs and struggling, like most, to minimize my life .. :) ... Oh! and LOVE YOU GUYS!!
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