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The Perfect Man

A poll was done on women asking them what their perfect man would have or be like. According to the poll the perfect man must drink beer, eat meat, drive an Audi, phones his mom twice a week, is 6ft tall, and earns 75k a year. A bonus would be him clean shaven and a hair free chest. It also said that vegetarians are a turn off, and they would rather have their man watch sports than reality TV. They also would want their man to admit he was checking another woman out.
Slacker and Steve don’t agree with all of these. They think women would want a different car than an Audi for one. Slacker says Steve is nothing on the list, but Steve says the people who call in they will describe him.
While I can agree or understand most of these there are a few I think are a little weird. While I would want a guy taller than me he doesn’t have to be 6ft. My boyfriend is barely taller than me. Also I don’t think he needs to drive an Audi. I want a nice guy that likes to do different things. I want a guy that calls his mom but is not always running to her. I want someone athletic, and smoking is a major turn off. I think I have a great guy right now!
What is your perfect man?
With Love- Intern Sarah

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04/09/2012 6:39PM
The Perfect Man
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04/18/2012 4:49PM
Perfect Man
This is so typical from women "6ft tall, and earns 75k a year". Well for starters a lot of women need a lot of gooood luck for a man making at least 75k a year in this economy. Way to many women live in la la land have this super tall fantasy guy that makes a lot of money. I'm not saying men can't make 75k, obviously a lot can and do but for a lot of people it takes time to work up to that amount, not just instantaneously. So many women want this instantaneous thing or if it's not instantaneous way to many women (usually the younger early, mid 20's) throw in the towel, throw a fit, whine, complain because it's not instantaneous but it would be OVER TIME.
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